What you need to know about tow truck ergonomics and its benefits

Ergonomics can help tow truck drivers avoid pain and injury.

When you spend the better part of a day behind the wheel of a tow truck, it’s important to be comfortable. Being comfortable reduces the chance of injury and muscle strain. One way to ensure that you’re comfortable is to be aware of tow truck ergonomics. Ergonomics is basically adjusting the workplace to the body to put less strain on joints, muscles, and bones. The goal is to make your tow truck or wrecker as ergonomic as possible to reduce the likelihood of getting hurt or experiencing soreness. Neck pain, back pain, sore muscles and joints, and carpal tunnel can all result from poor ergonomics, and if you’re in pain, your full attention isn’t on the road and you’re a distracted driver – although unintentionally so. We’ve got some tips to help you put some ergonomics in place in your workstation.

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How to reduce driver turnover at your tow truck business

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

The tow truck industry always seems to be changing. Being in the towing business forces you to adapt to new conditions within your company. One of the things that always seems to be changing in towing is the people working alongside you. It can be hard to keep drivers at your business sometimes.

Having a secure and stable employee base is important to any business, but especially a tow truck business, where experience and knowledge are key. The effect of drivers on tow truck insurance rates is significant. We’ve got some tips to help you retain the hardworking drivers that work for your wrecker business. You don’t want to say goodbye to them, do you?

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Following distance: Why personal space is important when you’re driving a tow truck

Rear-end collisions can affect tow truck insurance rates.

Things happen fast on the road. The flow of traffic can change with a second’s notice. Since you’re driving a tow truck, you need as much notice as possible to be able to adjust to sudden changes on the road, like someone having to hit the brakes hard. To give yourself time to react and slow your tow truck or wrecker, you need to have lots of following distance between your tow truck and the car in front of you. Personal space is a good thing.

Even if you drive carefully and defensively, if you’re tailgating you might not have a way to prevent hitting the car in front of you if they have to slow down suddenly. Leaving plenty of following distance in front of the tow truck is a simple way to stop a rear-end accident from happening. And preventing accidents means saving money on your tow truck insurance rates!

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Six tips to help tow truck drivers stay safe on unfamiliar roadways

Tow truck cost depends on what kind of tow truck and customization you choose.

Towing is always an adventure. There are always new challenges and hurdles to overcome. Now, your mind might immediately go to the direct challenges of the towing job – namely, attaching the damaged car to the wrecker. But there’s an obstacle that comes up even before you arrive on the scene. And that’s finding where to go in the first place. As a tow truck driver, you’re often required to go to places and drive on roads that you’ve never seen before. Driving on unfamiliar roadways presents risks because part of your mind is set on trying to get your bearings and not get lost. We’ve got some tips to help you handle driving in areas and on roads that you don’t know.

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