5 ways GPS can benefit your tow truck business

GPS can help tow truck businesses.

GPS is an amazing thing. It’s hard to remember back to a time when GPS wasn’t mainstream and you couldn’t just whip out your phone and tap in an address to get accurate directions and even traffic information. Since a big part of running a tow truck business is driving and getting places, GPS is a natural fit. However, the benefits of GPS for a tow truck business go beyond just getting directions. We’ll go over five ways that GPS can make a huge difference for towing businesses.

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What businesses need to get insurance for tow trucks?

Insurance for tow trucks

There are many different types of businesses that might need tow truck insurance. It’s crucial to make sure that your business is fully protected from the risks that you face. When you go to get insurance for your business, you can’t forget the insurance on your tow trucks. We’ll explain a few different business types that might need insurance for tow trucks and what coverages you can consider.

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Lynchburg, VA brings out portable speed bumps to protect first responders

Lynchburg will start using portable speed bumps.

The Lynchburg Fire Department in Virginia has decided to take steps to protect first responders working on the side of the road. They have recently bought portable speed bumps, which can be brought to the scene of an accident or emergency and rolled out across the road to encourage people to slow down. They roll up to fit into a pouch that can be easily taken to accident scenes, and then the portable speed bump is simply unrolled across a lane.

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Three tow truck insurance coverage numbers to keep an eye on

Tow truck insurance coverage

Tow truck insurance coverage might seem quite overwhelming and a little scary. There are a lot of insurance vocab words that are important to know, and of course, there are all the tow truck insurance coverages to consider, too. So, yes, there’s a lot to remember and a lot to absorb. We’re going to explain three different “insurance” numbers that you ought to keep an eye on when it comes to insurance, though it might be tempting to get your insurance policy and then forget about it. So, here we go – we’ll explain what a deductible is, what a premium is, and what a limit of coverage is.

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