5 reasons for towing businesses to consider cameras for their trucks

Having a video cameras in your tow trucks can be beneficial for your business.

Technology can be an amazing thing, from dispatch software to GPS. One new technology that applies to the towing world is cameras. There are a lot of camera setups out there for tow trucks. So, what’s the big deal? Why on earth should towing businesses consider using a camera system? It kind of seems like that’s spying on your drivers, and that probably wouldn’t go over well. We’ll explain some of the reasons that towing companies might want to consider installing camera systems.

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11 costs of running a tow truck business

There are many costs of running a tow truck business.

Running a tow truck business isn’t easy – or cheap. If you’re thinking about starting up a tow truck business, you need to be prepared for the costs you’re going to face. It’s better to know about the things you’ll have to pay for than to be caught off-guard, right? To help give you an overview of some of the expenses you might face as a tow truck business owner, we’ve come up with a list of expenses that you’ll need to plan for.

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How much does tow truck insurance cost in New Jersey?

New Jersey tow truck insurance quotes

If you’re getting into the tow truck business in New Jersey, you might have a few questions about start-up costs. How much will a tow truck cost? How much should I charge for towing a car? But one of the most important things you can ask as a businessperson and fleet owner is, “How much is it going to cost to protect my business properly?” The answer varies state by state and business by business. So, while we can give you a roundabout estimate, your tow truck insurance rates may look a little different. Here are some of the factors that can determine your rates and about how much tow truck insurance will cost in New Jersey.

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How much is tow truck insurance in Iowa?

Get tow truck insurance quotes in Iowa.

Maybe you have a tow truck business in Iowa. Or maybe you’re interested in getting into towing and you’re going to start a tow truck business. Either way, you want to know how much tow truck insurance costs in Iowa. You know that a big part of running the business is making sure it’s properly insured, after all. The thing is that each tow truck business will have unique insurance rates because each business is different. We’re going to explain what affects your rates and give you some tips for saving money on your insurance.

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