10 tips for towing for auto shops

If you're partnering with auto shops, it's important to develop a strong business relationship with them.

If you’re planning on partnering with auto body shops, that’s a great idea. Auto shops often need an assist from tow truck company, whether it’s moving a client’s car to or from the shop or moving disabled cars around their lot. It makes sense – obviously tow trucks and cars go hand-in-hand. But how can you develop a real business relationship with an auto shop? How can you be the towing business they call every time when they need a hand? Here are some tips to help you stand out to an auto body shop or auto repair shop.

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Do you know about your state’s towing association?

Check out your state's towing association

There are a lot of towing businesses out there and a lot of people who have decided to make a living by driving a tow truck. That’s why pretty much every state has its own towing association. It’s easy to become a member, but have you taken the chance to look at what your state’s towing association offers? There are a lot of reasons to consider becoming a member – we’ve put a few of them in the list below.

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What’s the difference between auto haulers and a towing business?

Towing businesses and auto haulers aren't quite the same thing.

Although people sometimes use the terms towing and auto hauling interchangeably, they refer to different activities. Auto haulers and towing companies are not quite the same thing. A towing business typically transports non-operational vehicles short distances to allow the owner to get the vehicle repaired. People call towing companies for immediate service when their vehicle will not start or has other safety issues that were not obvious when the driver left home.

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How much is tow truck insurance in Wisconsin?

Tow truck insurance quotes in Wisconsin

If you’re running a tow truck business in Wisconsin (or if you’re thinking about starting one) you might be wondering about your insurance. How much is tow truck insurance in Wisconsin? You just want to know how much you should be prepared to pay for your coverage – however painful it might be. The thing is that rates vary widely from business to business. There are many details about your business that play a part in how much you pay for insurance, and we’ll explain how much tow truck insurance in Wisconsin costs.

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7 tips to stay safe while towing on the side of the road

It's important to stay safe while towing.

There are many hazards that come along with towing cars, and the news stories about tow trucks are often populated with tragic articles about tow truck drivers getting struck on the side of the road. Some are injured, some have near-misses, and others lose their lives. The side of the road is a dangerous place, especially if you’re trying to load a car on the back of a tow truck. To help you stay safe on the job, we’ve put together some safety basics about working on the side of the road.

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How much is tow truck insurance in Virginia?

Get tow truck insurance in Virginia.

If you’ve got a tow truck business in Virginia, you’re probably wondering what kind of insurance you need. And (also important) how much does tow truck insurance in Virginia cost? You want to get an idea of how much you’ll have to pay to insure your business and keep your towing operation running. Tow truck insurance rates are very different from business to business because there are a lot of factors that can affect premiums, so we’ll explain how all that works and give an estimated range for Virginia tow truck insurance.

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