Guide to Understanding Tow Truck Insurance

Considering starting a towing company? Are you already operating a towing business and need options regarding tow truck insurance?

Whatever the situation is, there’s a ton of information owners of tow truck businesses need to know regarding insuring their trucks. In fact, it’s crucial to understand the risks associated with this lucrative business. Note that tow truck insurance is a specialized coverage. Therefore, not as many people will be familiar with it compared to a basic commercial insurance. You can only leverage the benefits if you know what protection it provides and how rates are determined.

Don’t worry if insurance confuses you, here’s a guide to understanding tow truck insurance.

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The Importance of Move Over Laws

The current year has been daunting for AAA. Especially after two tow truck operators lost their lives recently while assisting drivers along the road. These incidents along with all the others is enough to indicate the seriousness of this problem. Roadside professionals are losing their lives or being seriously injured due to other’s negligence. This article highlights the importance of Move Over Laws and how they help protect tow truck operators while on the job.

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