5 Challenges Tow Truck Drivers Face

Tackling bad weather or vehicle breakdowns is daunting while driving. However, with options like towing services, you can contact roadside assistance providers to pick up your broken car, regardless of where you are.

Though calling the service and getting your car picked up seems like a simple task, on the other end, it carries many challenges for tow truck drivers. Towing operators face many hurdles and tough situations to keep themselves, you, and your car safe.

Keep on reading to find out what challenges a tow truck driver faces.

Challenges Tow Truck Drivers Face

1.      Reaching a Destination Safely

Driving to a new destination every day is like working in a different office every day. Though they use the same roads, drivers encounter something new each day. From changing weather and traffic to potholes, driving constantly is challenging for towing operators.

Since they drive large commercial vehicles, reaching clients can be stressful. Plus, driving a tow truck requires sound situational awareness. That means a tow operator must be aware of all the potential risks they may face while assisting with a broken-down vehicle.

2.      Driving in Harsh Weather

From sleet, snow, rain and heat, tow operators have to drive in crazy weather situations. 

The job not only includes driving a huge commercial vehicle but also towing a car, which is a challenging task to perform in bad weather conditions.

3.      Stress and Fatigue

Towing or providing roadside assistance is a demanding job. Driving all day may cause fatigue and stress, which can increase the risk of health issues.

4.      Working Long Hours

The operators work round the clock to offer 24/7 services, day and night. This is why many drivers need to work long hours to facilitate people.

This is even more common for smaller businesses. The long shifts are tiring and often lead to fatigue and stress.

It may affect the performance of the drivers and increase the risk factor. This makes towing one of the riskiest jobs that require drivers’ full concentration and attention. Drivers need to be alert and aware of their surroundings at all times.

5.      Dealing with Other Motorists

The presence of other motorists on the road while you’re loading up a broken-down vehicle creates many risks. Towing operators need to be alert and focused on remaining safe while performing the task.

The risk of getting hit by another motorist on the road is very high for tow truck operators. Numerous tow truck drivers are getting seriously injured or killed every year. 

Make sure you turn on your flashing lights, wear a neon jacket, and stay a safe distance away from the road.

Summing Up

Towing operators face plenty of challenges and risks when providing roadside assistance to broken-down vehicles on the road. From dealing with bad weather, and speedy motorists on the road, to fatigue, they go through a lot to perform their duties.



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