6 tips to be a better boss

Towing isn’t the easiest profession to be in. If you’re responsible for a towing business, you’ve got a team to think about, too. The people who work for you are your biggest asset, so it’s important to be a good manager, a good leader, and, all in all, a good person to work for – a good boss. There are a few things tow bosses can do. Here are some quick tips.

6 tips for being a better boss.

1. Be a good listener.

The thing about listening is that you need to show you’re listening. Your ears might be absorbing the words your employee is saying, but if you seem distracted or if there’s a barrier, like a phone or computer, between you, that can be off-putting. It makes the other person feel like you’re not giving them your full attention. And to listen to people – truly listen – you have to remember that communication is two-way.

To ensure that you’re involved and invested in the conversation, ask questions. Be sure that you’re making an effort to really see the person’s perspective. Rather than just disagreeing or dismissing things when you’re not in agreement with what someone’s saying, try to work through it with communication and by asking questions. Make suggestions and find an answer that suits all involved.

One tip – at the end of the conversation, ask if you’ve got the measure of the situation. Check that you’ve heard everything right and confirm that everyone’s on the same page.

2. Understand that every employee is different.

Everyone’s different, and every employee has a different work style. You can’t communicate or train each employee the same way – unless you’re very fortunate and your employees are similar in their personalities and work styles. As a boss, you’re trying to help your employees reach their fullest potential, so you have to ask yourself how you can best help them. Think of how you can adapt your leadership to different situations and different people.

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3. Meet with your employees.

It’s also important to have individual meetings with each of your employees on a regular basis. That gives your tow truck drivers the chance to have your attention so that they can raise concerns, let you know how they’re doing, and so on. It’s not just about having updates or seeing what work they’re doing. It can help strengthen your working relationship with your employees. This gives you the opportunity to get feedback from your employees. Plus, it just gives you the chance to give your employees your undivided attention. That way you can show them that you really care about them and you’re going to make time for them.

4. Get feedback.

It’s also a good idea to get feedback from your employees about how you’re doing as a manager. Let them know they can be honest and try not to be defensive or take the feedback personally. Yes, it might not be the most comfortable thing, but it can be valuable information – and just letting them know that you’re open to their feedback can make a big difference.

5. Be understanding.

As a Forbes article points out, having a little patience can go a long way. It’s important to be patient as you’re listening to people and to show understanding and empathy towards your drivers. (And patience is important when it comes to teaching and training, too.) Now, patience can’t be endless – perhaps you’ve addressed a particular issue time and again or there’s safety at stake. But for the little things, being patient can show your team that you’re supportive and that you’re there for them. Which can mean a lot to your drivers.

6. Try to stay positive.

Sure, no one can be happy-go-lucky all the time, and we all have bad days and get grumpy. But it’s still important to promote a positive atmosphere in the workplace. Negativity can take a toll on people. So, try to keep things light and positive at the business. Happy tow truck drivers are a good thing, right? People take their cues from their leaders, so if you’re putting good energy out there, your business will be more harmonious.

Being a tow boss isn’t easy. You’ve got a lot on your plate. But by doing a few little things and focusing on the people working for you, you can become the best boss ever to your tow truck drivers. As a leader, you can inspire loyalty from your drivers by listening and developing your working relationship with them. A little compassion can go a long way.

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