The power and importance of pre-trip vehicle inspections

Tow truck vehicle inspections are important for safety.

When it’s a busy day work-wise and the calls are coming in left and right, it might seem like there’s no time for pre-trip vehicle inspections of the tow trucks. But pre-trip inspections are an absolute must to ensure the safety of not only your drivers but other people on the roads. It’s a good idea to find any issues with the tow truck or wrecker before it hits the road rather than after.

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Six simple ways to improve safety at your tow truck business

Your tow truck insurance renewal rate depends on many factors.

When you drive tow trucks and haul other people’s cars, you know how important it is to be careful and safe. You’ve got a lot of responsibility on your shoulders, but there are some ways that your company can work on being as safe as possible. Even if you have a good safety record, with few accidents or other incidents, it’s important to do everything you can to cement that commitment to safety.

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How can umbrella insurance protect your tow truck business?

Umbrella insurance can help your tow truck business handle big claims.

No one wants to think about what would happen if one of their tow trucks was in an accident, but humor us for a second. Imagine one of your tow trucks was in a wreck and your driver was found to be at fault. You might be facing having to cover $4 million in damages. Yikes. Fortunately, you have auto liability insurance…but the limit on that policy is $1 million. Uh oh. Where’s the other $3 million going to come from? That’s where umbrella insurance comes into play.

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Seatbelts: Why you need to wear one every time you drive your tow truck

Seatbelts save lives and keep drivers safe.

Wearing a seatbelt is one of the best ways to stay safe while driving. Tow truck drivers, though they drive a vehicle that’s high off the ground and seems rather indestructible, also need to wear their seatbelts. Sure, a tow truck might win a fight against a teensy little sedan or SUV, but a tow truck driver can still be seriously injured if they’re not wearing their seatbelt. Buckling up is also the law.

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When should I file an insurance claim on one of my tow trucks?

Reporting a claim for your tow trucks could make your insurance rates go up.

To claim or not to claim, that is the question. If you drive tow trucks for a living, you’ve seen your fair share of crazy situations. At this point, you’re pretty convinced that you’ve seen everything that life can throw at you. Anything can happen when you’re in charge of transporting broken cars to where they need to go.

Anything includes, well, anything. Frustrating things that leave your tow truck damaged might leave you asking if the universe is out to get you. To fix the problem, you might be tempted to claim it on your insurance.

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10 tips for staying safe while driving at night (don’t let the dark get you down)

Make sure that your drivers use caution when driving at night.

Tow truck drivers work very odd hours. It’s just a fact of life that cars like to break down at the most inconvenient times, including in the dead of night. If you’re involved in the towing industry, chances are you’ve had your fair share of middle-of-the-night shifts. Rescuing stranded drivers and their cars is a full-time job, emphasis on the full-time.

But driving at night can be very dangerous. Conditions after the sun goes down get treacherous. It’s hard to see hazards that are close to the road, and we can’t see as far ahead of us as we’d like. Plus when it’s dark our bodies are programmed to sleep. Fatigue is another obstacle to contend with.

We’ve put together some tips to help you be safe while driving at night. There are some things you can do to face the dark and keep yourself and other drivers safer.

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Why does my tow truck business need garagekeepers insurance?

Here's how much to charge for towing a car.

Tow truck drivers work day and night. Emphasis on the night part. Why is it that flat tires, breakdowns, and accidents always happen at night? Anyways, the point is that sometimes you might have to rescue a car and its driver when it’s late. That’s where garagekeepers insurance can come into play. We’ll go over the definition of garagekeepers insurance and explain why it can help your business.

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What tow truck insurance terms do you need to know?

A bill that would expand Alabama's move over law is currently under review.

Insurance terminology can sound like gobbledegook sometimes. There are a lot of different words that get tossed around, and there are lots of different coverages that do different things. Businesses that need tow truck insurance are all different from one another – you might have a shop that does towing with a couple of trucks, or you might have a business that does only towing with a fleet. Figuring out what kind of insurance you need to make sure your business is protected can be difficult, so we’ve broken down the coverages and buzzwords that might come in handy when you’re shopping for insurance.

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The dangers of cell phones: Don’t let your tow truck drivers drive distracted

Cell phones and tow trucks don't mix.

When your drivers are responsible for operating large, heavy tow trucks, they can’t afford any distractions that could take their attention off the road. Even a second of distraction could have disastrous results. With cell phones as a constant temptation, it’s more important now than ever to stress the importance of staying focused on the task at hand. Namely, getting the tow truck and its load to where it needs to go – preferably without crashing into things. The law also has a few things to say about the use of cell phones while driving a tow truck.

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