7 best practices for running a towing business

Towing is not an easy industry to be in. You’ve got to have a lot of determination, a high work ethic, a positive attitude, and a spirit of being helpful. If you’re running a towing operation, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Between maintaining your vehicles, managing your drivers, and running the business side of things, the days are packed. But we’ve got a few best practices to help you with managing your towing business smoothly and efficiently.

Here are 7 best practices for towing businesses.

1. Make sure that safety comes first.

There are many reasons to put an emphasis on safety at your towing business. Simple measures like holding safety meetings, conducting training sessions, having a pre-trip vehicle inspection procedure, and eliminating distracted driving can make a big difference to your business. If you improve safety at your towing operation, you could get lower tow truck insurance rates because you’re less of a risk. Tow truck insurance rates have been going up lately, but you can do your best to counter this trend by putting safety first.

2. Hire the best tow truck drivers.

You need to be very careful when you’re hiring tow truck drivers. Remember, your drivers have a major effect on your insurance rates. They’re the ones who are operating your trucks, after all. If you hire drivers who are committed to safety, then you’ve got better chances of reducing your insurance rates. Give yourself the best chance of retaining your tow truck drivers by taking the time to hire the right people in the first place.

3. Have workplace safety policies.

We already talked a little bit about safety, but this is another important matter to consider when running your business.

Having workplace safety policies for your towing business is crucial. You need to outline your expectations for driver behavior to make sure that everyone is being safe. You also need to outline the consequences of failing to follow these policies.

You need to communicate all of your expectations and disciplinary measures. Having everything written in clear, detailed language in one place makes it easy for you as an employer to lay down your rules.

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4. Invest in driver training.

You can never stop learning, and that applies to safety, too. It’s important to give your new employees plenty of training so they can gain confidence and experience in their new role. And even for your experienced tow truck drivers, you can have refresher training sessions and continuing education. Give your drivers the tools they need to succeed in their jobs.

5. Make sure your tow trucks and wreckers are properly maintained.

It’s also essential that your vehicles are properly maintained and up for the task at hand. Having a preventive maintenance program can help ensure that your trucks are safe and road-worthy. Unsafe trucks can cause accidents, which can injure your tow operators and the drivers they share the roads with. By having regular maintenance for your trucks, you can avoid that. Preventive maintenance basically means having a mechanic check over your trucks to make sure there are no problems – just like going to a check-up at the doctor.

6. Have a pre-trip vehicle inspection procedure.

Pre-trip vehicle inspections mean that your drivers are checking over their tow trucks before they head out on their jobs. This allows them to catch any problems with the vehicle before they hit the road. If there’s a system for pre-trip vehicle inspections and everything is logged and documented, you and your drivers can keep an eye on your trucks. You can get any issues fixed and repaired before letting the tow truck back on the road.

7. Get the tow truck insurance you need to protect your business.

Having the right insurance coverage for your towing business can make all the difference in the world if you ever face a claim or if one of your drivers gets into a tow truck accident. There are many types of coverage of there for towing companies. From auto liability insurance to physical damage insurance, it’s important that you have the right coverage and the right amount of insurance to fully protect your business.

If you’re not quite sure what coverages you need for your towing business, our team would be happy to help you find the tow truck insurance that’s right for you. Just fill out our online form or give us a call to get in touch with one of our towing insurance professionals.

We can help you save on your tow truck insurance.

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