Car’s Been Towed? Here’s What to Do

Returning to your parking spot and finding a space instead of your car is a dreadful experience. The thought of your car being towed or stolen is enough to take a toll on you. No matter how long you have been driving or how careful of a driver you are, there is no guarantee that you won’t experience this at least once.

So what should you do if your car’s been towed?

The first step is to figure out why your vehicle was towed and then act accordingly. Since no one expects or plans to have their car towed, here is your action plan in case this ever happens to you.

Why Your Car/Vehicle Might Be Towed

There can be plenty of reasons for your vehicle getting towed, regardless of where you park it. Here, we’ve broken down some of them to help you be more mindful and vigilant. Authorities can tow your car if it:

  • interferes with traffic
  • obstructs access to a road fire hydrant
  • has violated a law or unpaid parking ticket
  • is parked in a no-parking zone
  • is double parked
  • blocks a tunnel, intersection, or driveway
  • is parked in a compact or handicapped space
  • has been left or abandoned for a long time
  • has a license plate attached in the wrong place
  • carries an expired registration

What Can You Do if Your Car Gets Towed?

As mentioned above, anyone can panic if their car is missing from the place it was parked. However, losing your cool is not a solution in these situations. All you need is to follow the given steps to tackle the situation.

  • If you’re a US resident, don’t contact 911 to find out about the towed car. If you parked the car illegally, you may see signage that contains information about the authority you should call. However, if there is no signage, call the local police or a toll-free number to inquire about your car.
  • If the reason was illegal parking, the signage will state the place where you can find your car. It may vary from city to city and depends on who towed your car.
  • You must have your legal driver’s license, title, insurance card, along with evidence showing that you have no outstanding debts in order to get your car back.

Is It Possible to Get Your Belongings Out of the Car?

The short answer is yes. There may be a certain time frame you’re allowed to do this, so call the impound lot as soon as possible. Here are some steps to try and get your belongings back:

  • Ask for a property release
  • If it’s a business vehicle, you may need your proof of employment to show them
  • If you’re not able to pick up yourself and you send someone else you will need a notarized letter

Summing Up

All in all, finding out your car’s been towed can be time-consuming and challenging; especially when you don’t know who you should call to help you. Thus, this guide elaborates on your rights and tips you can follow to get back your car.

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