How much to charge for towing a car

Here's how much to charge for towing a car.

One of the trickiest parts of being in the towing industry (other than tow truck insurance) is figuring out how much to charge for your towing services. Setting your prices can be difficult – you want to make a profit and keep your business running, but you also want to keep your pricing competitive. There are a lot of other tow truck businesses out there, after all, and you’re all competing for the same potential customers. To help you get an idea of how to price towing, we’ll give you the average cost of a tow and some tips for calculating a rough estimate for prices.

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How much does a tow truck cost?

Tow truck cost depends on what kind of tow truck and customization you choose.

You might be thinking about starting a tow truck business. Maybe you’ve been thinking about it for a while now, but you’ve got this question on your mind: how much do tow trucks cost? That’s a great question. The cost of a tow truck depends on the options that you choose for your truck. Most towing equipment is customized to suit the needs and convenience of the end user, and the choices that you make influence the tow truck cost. Depending on the options you choose, the cost of a typical tow truck can be anywhere between $58,000 and $850,000.

Anyways, that’s our disclaimer. Below we have some typical pricing for different types of tow trucks.

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How to get cheap tow truck insurance quotes

Evasive action can help you avoid tow truck insurance claims.

Getting tow truck insurance at an affordable rate can seem like mission impossible. Tow truck insurance rates have been rising, and many tow truck businesses are looking to get lower rates on their insurance. But the question is…how to get cheap tow truck insurance quotes? If your wrecker insurance rates are too high, don’t lose hope – there are a few things you can do to save money on your tow truck insurance rates. We’ve got some tips to help you get cheap tow truck insurance quotes.

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8 easy tips to help tow truck drivers get a good night’s sleep

Have you ever gone to sleep only to wake up exhausted? Many people have trouble sleeping, and tow truck drivers are no exception. Not sleeping well can mean that you’re in for a rough day of being fatigued and tired. Fatigue can lead to drowsiness, moodiness, loss of energy, poor appetite, headaches, and difficulty concentrating and focusing. It’s not difficult to see why driving drowsy is dangerous for tow truck drivers. Driving while fatigued can impair your ability to operate your tow truck safely, so we have some tips for getting a good night’s sleep.

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What you need to know about tow truck ergonomics and its benefits

Ergonomics can help tow truck drivers avoid pain and injury.

When you spend the better part of a day behind the wheel of a tow truck, it’s important to be comfortable. Being comfortable reduces the chance of injury and muscle strain. One way to ensure that you’re comfortable is to be aware of tow truck ergonomics. Ergonomics is basically adjusting the workplace to the body to put less strain on joints, muscles, and bones. The goal is to make your tow truck or wrecker as ergonomic as possible to reduce the likelihood of getting hurt or experiencing soreness. Neck pain, back pain, sore muscles and joints, and carpal tunnel can all result from poor ergonomics, and if you’re in pain, your full attention isn’t on the road and you’re a distracted driver – although unintentionally so. We’ve got some tips to help you put some ergonomics in place in your workstation.

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How to reduce driver turnover at your tow truck business

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

The tow truck industry always seems to be changing. Being in the towing business forces you to adapt to new conditions within your company. One of the things that always seems to be changing in towing is the people working alongside you. It can be hard to keep drivers at your business sometimes.

Having a secure and stable employee base is important to any business, but especially a tow truck business, where experience and knowledge are key. The effect of drivers on tow truck insurance rates is significant. We’ve got some tips to help you retain the hardworking drivers that work for your wrecker business. You don’t want to say goodbye to them, do you?

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Six tips to help tow truck drivers stay safe on unfamiliar roadways

Tow truck cost depends on what kind of tow truck and customization you choose.

Towing is always an adventure. There are always new challenges and hurdles to overcome. Now, your mind might immediately go to the direct challenges of the towing job – namely, attaching the damaged car to the wrecker. But there’s an obstacle that comes up even before you arrive on the scene. And that’s finding where to go in the first place. As a tow truck driver, you’re often required to go to places and drive on roads that you’ve never seen before. Driving on unfamiliar roadways presents risks because part of your mind is set on trying to get your bearings and not get lost. We’ve got some tips to help you handle driving in areas and on roads that you don’t know.

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The dangers of driving drowsy when operating a tow truck

Drowsy driving

According to the FMCSA, about 13% of CMV drivers were fatigued at the time that they had a crash. (This from the Large Truck Crash Causation Study.) It’s especially important to raise awareness of this issue among tow truck drivers because commercial vehicle drivers are among those who are most vulnerable to drowsy driving. Sleep is not always a choice – sometimes the body takes over and decides that nap time is now. If you’re driving, though, falling asleep for even seconds and then jolting awake can have catastrophic consequences.

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Pro tips to save money on your tow truck insurance

Save money on your tow truck insurance

Tow truck insurance isn’t cheap, we’re not going to lie. It can get pricey, especially depending on where your business is located and how many trucks you have. There are a lot of factors that play into your tow truck insurance rates, but we have some pro tips that will help you save on your premiums. You know that you need insurance to protect your business, your drivers, and your tow trucks, but there’s no reason that you can’t save yourself some cash while you’re at it.

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Six simple ways to improve safety at your tow truck business

Your tow truck insurance renewal rate depends on many factors.

When you drive tow trucks and haul other people’s cars, you know how important it is to be careful and safe. You’ve got a lot of responsibility on your shoulders, but there are some ways that your company can work on being as safe as possible. Even if you have a good safety record, with few accidents or other incidents, it’s important to do everything you can to cement that commitment to safety.

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