How to establish a culture of safety at your tow truck business

It's important to establish a culture of safety at your business.

There’s no arguing about the fact that safety is crucial in the tow truck industry. Tow truck drivers face a lot of risks when it comes to their jobs – working on the side of the road with cars flying by is dangerous and scary. Of course, many of the dangers of towing aren’t in the control of you or your drivers – you can’t control the actions of other people on the road, the weather, and so on, but you can make safety a fundamental part of your business by creating a culture of safety.

What do we mean by a culture of safety? We mean that safety is something that defines your business. It’s a fundamental part of what the business is. How do you go about creating a culture of safety? We’ve got seven tips for you.

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How to prevent common on-the-job towing injuries

Take care to prevent common towing injuries.

Towing is not exactly the safest job out there. The side of the road is an unpredictable and dangerous workplace. And with that danger comes injury. There are many common towing injuries, including slips and trips, back pain, hand wounds, falls, foot injuries, eye injuries, and roadside strikes. The question is, how can you prevent towing-related, on-the-job injuries? We’ll break down some tips to prevent common injuries.

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7 best practices for running a towing business

It's a good idea to make safety a priority at your towing business.

Towing is not an easy industry to be in. You’ve got to have a lot of determination, a high work ethic, a positive attitude, and a spirit of being helpful. If you’re running a towing operation, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Between maintaining your vehicles, managing your drivers, and running the business side of things, the days are packed. But we’ve got a few best practices to help you with managing your towing business smoothly and efficiently.

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10 tips for summer tow truck driving

Summer comes with a few dangers that you need to be aware of as a tow truck driver.

Whether you’re a fan of warm weather or you prefer to stay inside where it’s air-conditioned, you can’t deny that summer is upon us. Sure, the official start of summer isn’t until June, but the temperature is soaring and the sun is blazing. And for tow truck drivers, the change in season means a new set of risks to look out for – roadwork, traffic, weather, sunlight, and heat, to name a few. So, how can a tow truck driver prepare for the new hazards and risks?

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How to avoid rear-end collisions (and save money on tow truck insurance)

Rear-end collisions can affect tow truck insurance rates.

When you drive a tow truck, rear-ending the car in front of you can often be more than just a fender-bender. Tow trucks are heavy, bulky, vehicles so they tend to cause more damage than your average passenger car. And lately, the costs of litigation for rear-end collisions has skyrocketed.

But it’s not only litigation that can cost your business big time.

What about your tow truck insurance rates?

We’ll explain why rear-end collisions are such a problem, the effect they have on the cost of tow truck insurance, and how to avoid rear-end collisions.

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Avoid accidents caused by inadequate evasive action

Evasive action can help you avoid tow truck insurance claims.

As a tow truck driver, you need to be prepared for anything. Recognizing hazards and having the time to react to them is crucial. Inadequate evasive action can be a real issue because it basically means that the tow truck driver doesn’t act quickly enough to avoid a danger. This can cause a car accident and accidents mean tow truck insurance claims. We’ll explain what inadequate evasive action is and how you can avoid it.

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How to make sure the brakes on your tow truck are safe

Making sure that the brakes work on your tow truck is essential.

No one wants to be in the terrifying situation where the brakes on their tow truck fail. You have a lot of truck to think about, and it’s scary to think what would happen if all that power ran away with you – or ran away from you. Tow trucks and wreckers are big and heavy, which means that it takes a lot of brakes bring them to a halt. If your brakes are broken there’s nothing to get your truck to stop. So that’s why it’s generally a good idea to take care of the brakes on your tow trucks. We’ll give you some tips to keep your brakes in peak condition so that you can avoid accidents (and save money on your tow truck insurance.)

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How to start a preventive maintenance program at your tow truck business

Preventive maintenance can help you improve safety at your towing business.

You can’t have a tow truck business without a fleet of tow trucks that actually work. It’s important that your tow trucks are in good health so that they’re up to the task of hauling cars – that’s no easy job, and you don’t want your vehicle to quit on you and break-down in the middle of a job. That’s why preventive maintenance is essential for towing operations. Preventive maintenance is basically having a professional check over your tow trucks to see if there are any repairs that need to be done before the truck breaks down (as the name suggests, you’re trying to get ahead of a potential problem with maintenance.) You might be wondering how to start a preventive maintenance program for your wrecker operation, and we can help you out with that.

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The importance of preventive maintenance for your tow truck business

Preventive maintenance is very important for your tow truck business.

You can’t have a tow truck business without tow trucks. For your business to operate at its full capacity, you need all of your tow trucks to be in good shape. You can’t have your vehicle give up on you by breaking down, can you? To avoid such a betrayal by a member of your faithful fleet, you may want to consider implementing a preventive maintenance program for your tow truck business. Preventive maintenance is basically getting a mechanic to give your tow trucks a check-up so you can take care of any issues before they become dangerous (or just plain headaches.) We’ll explain why preventive maintenance is so important.

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Tow truck best practices for sharing the road

Tow trucks need to be especially careful on the road.

Driving a tow truck isn’t an easy job. You have to be alert and understand the importance of driving defensively. You’re not out there on the road on your own – there are other drivers who share the roadways with you. And when you’re driving a big tow truck, probably hauling a car, you need to take steps to be extra safe and avoid accidents. Your wrecker or tow truck doesn’t drive the same as a normal passenger car, so you need to be sure to be courteous and safe by keeping some truck-driving best practices in mind. Here are 6 tips for driving a tow truck.

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