8 essential customer service tips for tow truck drivers

A big part of being a tow truck driver is interacting with customers. Sure, there’s driving time and dealing-with-the-car time, but you can’t avoid the customer. It’s important that you provide great customer service – this can really help you get great online reviews and keep your customers happy. Check out the following customer service tips.

8 customer service tips for tow truck drivers

1. Smile and give a genuine greeting.

A smile shows that you’ve got a positive attitude, something that the customer will appreciate. By giving them a kind, genuine “Good morning!” you can get off on the right foot and show that you’re on the customer’s side in whatever their dilemma is.

2. Be professional.

Everyone is different and each client is in a different situation. Some people might be angry. Certain customers could be flustered or stressed. Many might get impatient and frustrated. And there might be some who are calm and collected. You’ve got to be able to read the situation and respond appropriately to reassure the client that you can help – or potentially defuse a tense situation. Even if the client isn’t being very nice, you need to show them respect and be professional.

3. Listen.

Give the customer your full attention and listen to what they need. This shows them that you care and that you’re invested in solving their problem. By actively listening to what they’re saying, you show that you truly want to help them and solve their problem (whether it’s a flat tire, a dead battery, or just a car that won’t go and needs to be towed somewhere.)

4. Communicate clearly.

You don’t want to make a stressful situation worse for your client by confusing them. They might have some questions about what’s happening and what needs to be done, so be sure to listen to these questions and address their concerns. Do your best to answer these queries and let them know what is going on.

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This goes two ways – make sure you understand what the client is communicating, too. It’s better to ask for clarification and make sure you’re on the same page than take the car to the wrong auto repair shop.

5. Show a strong work ethic.

Okay, we’re not saying rush through the job to show off how fast you can load a car. We just mean show the customer that you’re truly invested in helping them out of their pickle.

6. Let negativity roll off your back.

Chances are you’re going to encounter clients who are in downright terrible moods. They have car problems and they’re running late. Keep your chin up, stay cheerful, and remember to not take their bad mood personally. It’s hard for someone to stay mad when the other person refuses to get mad back and instead just is kind and friendly. While this isn’t always easy, it’s the better alternative to letting yourself get angry just because the client is.

7. Be knowledgeable.

It’s important to always keep learning about towing. Having the right know-how and professionalise can help you get jobs done efficiently and safely, and it allows you to do your job with confidence.

8. Consider how you end the interaction.

Rather than awkwardly sidling back to your truck and beating a hasty retreat, be intentional about how you end the interaction. Shake their hand, ask if there’s anything else you can do to help, and wish them a good rest of their day. Say thank you. Be polite and courteous to end the job on a high note. (And this could also be an opportunity to offer a business card or ask for an online review!)

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Customer service is essential to being part of a service industry like towing. Your client probably didn’t plan on having car troubles, and they probably don’t want to have to get their car towed. But you can turn it into a pleasant experience by providing great customer service. In doing so, you can also get great online reviews for your business!

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