What to look for in dispatch software

With the rise of technology and the unpredictability of every day in the tow truck business, it can be vital to have an advanced, but easy dispatch software at the heart of your company. But how do you choose the right one? There are tons of different types of dispatch software, and each is made to fit different types of business models. So, here are 8 things to look for in your tow truck dispatch software.

What to look for in your tow truck dispatch software


When you’re handling a high volume of towing customers and dispatching drivers constantly, you don’t need a fancy system with bells and whistles, but no substance. You’ll need something that you, your drivers, and your dispatchers can use quickly and easily to communicate with each other. You’ll need a dashboard on your phone, computer, or tablet that can be easily accessed, heard, and viewed from anywhere.

Mobile apps

Most dispatch software will have a desktop version that allows you to have a more holistic view of your company. However, it’s also important to be able to manage certain aspects on the go. An app for your tow trucking business can offer quick, coherent ways to communicate with your drivers and your customers. Most apps can offer:

Fleet management tools

Whether it’s GPS mapping or notifying you of the location of your calls vs. your drivers, dispatch software can offer you a map of your area to determine which of your drivers is closer to a call. Some apps also offer the option to track your driver’s mileage and driving habits, which could also save you money on your tow truck insurance.

Commission tracking

In addition to tracking the location of your fleet, most apps will include a way to track your tow truck drivers’ commissions. The app can either have an automatic or manual check-in system when your driver responds to a call. It can then track their jobs, and sometimes even customer reviews of their work. This way, you have an easy way to keep track of all of your driver’s commissions come payroll time without the risk of mixing up or losing paperwork.

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A solid tow truck software will also have a way to manage the accounting and finances for your business overall. Many programs use QuickBooks integration because of its ease of use and current popularity. Others will use their own company’s system for accounting and processing payments.

When considering the types of accounting software you’ll use, just make sure that it can record all or most of what you already take inventory of in your business. You can also select apps that have add-ons for customer billing and signatures for easy access to each customer’s paperwork by search. (So, you can ditch all of those manila folders you have to hang on to.)

Digital forms & Photo storage

Because a lot of apps do rely on cloud storage, they may also offer tons of storage for any photos and forms you need for reference. Again, these can be easy ways to keep track of information in a way that can’t be destroyed easily.

Access to motor clubs

If you’re constantly on the lookout for clients, a dispatch software that also features access to motor clubs can be a game-changer. Many mobile and desktop dispatch apps can give you access to their particular motor club, which allows a customer access portal to put in requests and track their orders. There are also other types of dispatch software that can also give you access to the motor clubs of insurance agencies and organizations that offer roadside assistance.

Quick access to clients calling for roadside assistance can not only give you a leg up on the competition, but it can also increase your response time and help you form stronger relationships with trusted clubs and carriers.

Client portals & Tracking

One simple thing that you can do to improve the accessibility of your tow truck business is to allow your customers to know the status and location of their vehicle in real time. Some of the best dispatch software will include portals which allow your customers to see how far away their tow is, the status of their order, and the status of their vehicle. Some software can even allow you to ping your customer’s location from their cell phone. That way, you can pinpoint their location even if your client doesn’t know where they are.

Overall, you want to look for a dispatch software that allows easy access and navigation for you, your drivers, and your customers. Getting a program that has a bunch of bells and whistles may be tempting, but tow truck technology is there to help you run things more smoothly. So, choosing the right software for your particular business requires heavy consideration of how your business works on a day-to-day basis, what you’d like to improve upon, and how you see your business growing.

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