How to improve your towing business’s Facebook Business Page

A Facebook Business Page is a great way to stay connected with your customers and remain relevant in the tow truck community. To cut ahead of the competition, though, you’ll have to know how to properly optimize your social media just as you’ve optimized your business website. Here are some tips to get the most bang for your buck with a Facebook Business page.

Tips to improve your Facebook Business page.

1. Include a call to action

Facebook Business has tons of neat tools to work with, one of which is a customizable Call-to-Action (CTA) button. It appears at the very top of your page so that anyone who visits you can interact with you immediately.

First, determine what the main goal of your CTA button should be. Do you want potential clients to give you a call, learn more about your business through your website, or message you directly through Facebook? Defining this goal will make it easier for you to remain responsive to potential clients in the way that you want.

2. Fill out your about section on the Facebook Business page

It’s easy to gloss over your “About” section or just put up a quick sentence. However, it’s better to go more in-depth about the services you provide and why your customers should choose your towing company over anyone else.

You may already have a business website fleshed out for SEO, but that doesn’t mean Google stops paying attention to the other parts of your online presence. Customize your Facebook Business page in a shorter manner than your website. But make sure that your page is optimized enough to appear in more than one search result. This will also ensure that anyone who stumbles upon your page knows exactly how you can help them.

3. Use images when you post

If you only update your page with text posts, your feed becomes boring for the average consumer – especially if all your text posts are advertisements for your company. Spice things up a little by posting pictures and videos in addition to reminding people about your company. Pictures can be of the trucks you’re proud of, the happenings around the shop, a valuable client of the month, etc.

You can add a couple of lines of text before the image, but the main focus should be on the visual element – whether it’s informative, funny, or just a company photo op. Doing so will give more contrast to your page so that each post stands out

4. Give people a reason to follow you

First of all, make it super easy for others to follow you on social media. If you’re plugging your product or service on another medium, consider using QR codes, clickable links, or shortened links to get people over to your page.

Once someone follows you, give them reasons to keep following. Someone has already given support to your business. Why not show them what they get for supporting you? Give helpful hints, do exclusive promotions, or just brighten up your customers’ day.

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5. Schedule your posts

Facebook has a neat feature that allows you to schedule future posts. So, if you don’t have time to post unique content every day, block out time each week to create and schedule posts for the future. This makes it easier to stay consistently active on your page, which is a huge part of driving traffic to your Facebook and your company.

6. Use Facebook Pages Manager

Facebook Pages Manager is a great way to manage your business’s Facebook on the go. Through the mobile app, you’ll be able to receive notifications when people share or comment on your posts or people who message your Facebook Business page looking for information.

This way, you can stay connected to the pulse of your page and allow potential customers to see how valuable their concerns and feedback are. Viewing your page on admin mode also gives you stats on your message response time. Work to keep that number as low as possible!

7. Engage with positive comments and mentions

As you manage your Facebook Business page, pay close attention to the comments and feedback that people leave. If someone comments something positive or tags/promotes you on their personal page, like their post and leave a thank you comment. People love to see that their favorite brands like to connect to and appreciate their customers. Plus, the type of response you give is a great way to market your brand.

8. Address negative feedback on your Facebook Business page

If you notice a negative comment, review, or tagged post, though, take the time to publicly comment back and address their concerns. In the digital age, most larger brands have actually been more responsive to complaints over social media – for good reason.

When someone uses social media to bash your company, they’re broadcasting a message about your brand to all of their friends and potentially their friends’ friends. If a bad message concerning your business gets out, that’s tons of potential customers lost before you even have a chance to interact with them.

So, positive comments aren’t the only type of feedback you need to engage with.  Show someone with a bad review that you care about their experience and that you want to make it right. Who knows? You might even earn their business back!

9. Boost your posts

Maybe you don’t have enough money to post an entire Facebook ad about your business page. However, boosting posts can be a wonderful, cheaper alternative to a full out advertisement. Just dedicating $5-$50 dollars of your budget a week to boost a worthwhile post can drive tons of traffic to your page and your business.

When you first start boosting posts, use the Facebook tool to help you define the audience that you want to reach. (That way, you’re not wasting money reaching out to people who won’t become customers.) The program is fairly easy to use and will even tell you if your targeted audience is too targeted or not focused enough.

When used the right way, your Facebook Business page can be a great way to increase visibility to your business through a medium you’re probably already using.  There are tons of tools at your disposal to help you promote your brand in the modern world. So, use them!

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