Fall Safety Tips for Tow Truck Operators

Have you noticed that driving conditions change during the fall months? Right now, fall is in full swing as the leaves and temperature change. Therefore, it’s time for tow truck operators to be extra careful while driving along the road. 

Here’s 4 fall safety tips you should consider as a tow truck driver.

Fall Safety Tips for Tow Truck Operators

·       Keep Tabs on the Weather Report

Often times when the seasons change the weather does too. Keeping tabs on the current and upcoming weather conditions is essential for tow truck operators who work day and night. You should be aware of the possible weather conditions beforehand so you can plan your route accordingly. In most cases, black ice is invisible on roadways and can cause you to loose control of the vehicle. If you know the temperatures will be below freezing or there’s a chance of black ice, give yourself extra time to navigate through these conditions.

Also, it’s important to dress accordingly in these weather conditions. Make sure you have a heavy jacket, thick gloves, and durable shoes to make the towing process more bearable.

·       Watch Out for Leaves

During the fall months, the number of leaves on the ground, along with debris, increases. Compared to other seasons, this time of year can make your vehicle more susceptible to slipping and sliding. In fact, one of the main causes of accidents in the fall is from fallen leaves that are wet. Be cautious while operating your tow truck and keep an eye out on the road for debris and leaves.

·       Make Sure Your Headlights and Fog Lights Are Working 

Unfortunately, during the fall we have fewer hours of sunlight, which can make operating your tow truck more difficult. Therefore, you need to make sure that your headlights and fog lights are working properly.

·       Be Cautious of Wildlife

In the fall, animals like elk, moose, and deer are more on the move compared to other times of the year. This is because mating season occurs during October through December. These animals will be more active early in the morning before the sun comes up and late at night. Be on the lookout for these animals and if you see one, there’s probably more since they tend to travel in groups. If you happen to see a wildlife crossing sign along the road, make sure to slow down and be on the lookout.



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Getting the Right Tow Truck Insurance

Safety is essential for success at your towing or trucking business, but it’s also important to to work with an agent who specializes in transportation insurance. They know trucking and they can help you protect your business. Tow truck insurance is complicated, and unless you have an agent who’s experienced in the industry, it can be hard to get coverage that’s tailored to your business. It’s definitely something to be aware of when you’re making decisions about your tow truck insurance.