7 reasons to visit the FMCSA website

If you’ve got a tow truck business, you probably know all about the FMCSA. And the FMCSA is a big deal. They also have a very extensive, hefty website. So, you might not be too jazzed about exploring their site. It’s a lot, admittedly. But here are a few reasons to take a look at the website – and a few things that could be really helpful. There are some handy sections on the FMCSA website.

7 reasons to visit the FMCSA website.

1. Review safety information.

It’s extremely important to keep safety at the forefront when you’re in charge of a towing business. And the FMCSA has a ton of helpful tips and safety information that you can look at. It never hurts to have some refreshers where safety is concerned. The FMCSA’s whole mission is to improve safety and reduce the number of accidents involving CMVs, after all, so feel free to check out the FMCSA website. (Our Roads, Our Safety might be a good place to start.)

2. Understand what they do.

The FMCSA might seem like they have a lot of rules and a lot of regulations. But another reason to visit the FMCSA website is to understand what they do and why they do it. They outline their history and their mission very clearly. It can help to know why the FMCSA has the strict regulations they do. At least that way it might not seem so arbitrary.

3. Find information about getting a CDL.

The FMCSA might not be responsible for issuing CDLs (the State is), but they still have helpful information about the different types of CDL and the process for getting one. They can at least walk you through the steps for getting a commercial driver’s license. And they can point you in the right direction for resources for preparation.

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4. Get information about getting a DOT Number.

The phrase “DOT Number” can sound like an intimidating prospect. But the FMCSA makes the process of finding out more about the DOT Number and whether you need one easy. Plus, if you do need to apply for one, the FMCSA site makes it quite easy to get that whole process started. It’s all on the FMCSA site.

5. Look at FAQs.

The FAQ section on the FMCSA site is another very useful tool and resource for tow truck businesses when it comes to understanding all of the FMCSA regulations and such. You can search by topic and find the brief answers to a lot of frequently asked questions. So, that’s another reason to consider checking out the FMCSA website. There’s a lot of information to be found there and plenty of resources to check out.

6. Look at regulations.

There are a lot of regulations the FMCSA sets for commercial vehicles. The FMCSA website is a great place to go for your research if you need to look anything up. (And, for that matter, the CSA website has a lot of great resources, too.) Since the FMCSA is the place that sets the regulations, why not go to them to find out more?

7. Find field office locations.

There might come a time when you need to visit an FMCSA field office. And you can find the location of those field offices by visiting the FMCSA website. So, if you ever need to go to an office, you’ll know exactly where the nearest office is.

8. Learn about ELDs.

You can also find out valuable information about ELDs (electronic logging devices) on the FMCSA site. ELDs are still relatively new, so you might have some questions about them. Going to the FMCSA can give you the answers you seek You can find our whether you need them for your tow trucks and what ELDs are acceptable.

Tow trucks are part of a unique industry. The FMCSA can help you out. It has a ton of resources. You can take a little bit of time to click around the FMCSA website and familiarize yourself with what’s there.

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