How to get great online reviews for your towing business

Online reviews are more than just words on a screen. For small businesses – and businesses that provide a service in particular – online reviews can be a real strategy for growing your business and attracting customers. That means that reviews can help you get more business.


Reviews help people make their buying decisions. Consumers look online and check out what other people have to say about a business or its products. If the reviews are favorable, they might give the business a chance. If they’re not…you get where we’re going. Anyways, we’ve got a few tips to help you score some great online reviews for your business.

The first impression makes a difference.

Check out these tips to help your drivers make a great first impression on your customers.

1. Be on time.

Your drivers need to be on time. The customer is expecting them at a specific time, and you can bet they won’t be too happy if the tow truck driver is late and keeps them waiting on the side of the road. That might be enough for them to leave a not-so-great review online…which other people will see. So. Make sure dispatch is efficient and accurate with your ETAs.

2. Ask your drivers to clean up their tow trucks.

A clean tow truck cab will make a better impression than a cluttered one. Your driver might have to give the customer a ride, so it’s important that the interior of the tow truck is tidy, clean, and neat. This will give the customer a better experience than if they feel uncomfortable from all the trash littering the cab. It’s a small thing, maybe a minor detail, even, but it makes a difference.

3. Make sure your drivers have uniforms.

Having a neat, tidy uniform shows that they take their job seriously and that they’re a professional.

4. Have a driver training program.

The customer is trusting that the tow truck driver coming to rescue them knows what they’re doing. Make sure that you have an extensive training program for drivers so they have the know-how and confidence to do their jobs safely. It’s important to give your drivers the tools and knowledge they need to succeed.

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It’s also important to cover the customer service aspect of the job. Your drivers are the face of your business, so they need to know how to act around customers and how to make towing customers happy. They need to be polite, sincere, helpful, and professional. (And on that note, make sure your dispatchers are trained to be customer service pros. Your customer doesn’t just interact with your drivers.)

With proper training about the finer points of towing and customer service savvy, your drivers will be super drivers. They will be unstoppable. And they’ll probably get some really great online reviews.

5. Work on workplace morale.

A customer can tell if the person assisting them sincerely enjoys their job or if they’d rather be anywhere else. If your tow truck drivers love their work and love working for your business, that positive attitude will come across in the way they interact with your clients.

And there’s more:

Workplace morale can help you retain your best drivers, and that will also help you with your online reviews.

6. Maintain your tow trucks or wreckers.

If your tow truck is making a really funny sound and doesn’t seem like it’s capable of hauling a car, that’s not exactly going to inspire confidence from the customer. Make sure your tow trucks are in good working order and can handle their “job” without incident. You don’t want one of your drivers to run into a hiccup with their tow truck that causes the impatient customer to wait even longer to get their car towed. That’s no fun for your driver or the customer. Creating a preventive maintenance program for your towing business is important.

Make sure to follow up with the customer and ask for the review.

First of all, you have to consider which review platform you’re using. You might want to check out several different options to find one that’s trustworthy and that is easy to use. There are tons of review services out there that you can use to gather online reviews. And don’t forget about Google and Facebook. Make sure it’s easy for a customer to leave a review. If the process takes too long or it’s too complicated, your customer will probably abandon ship.

Your tow truck driver can be the best driver ever and give the customer a great towing experience, but if you don’t follow up and ask for a review you might not get one. So, figure out what your strategy is going to be. For example, will you email your clients and ask them to leave a review?

In short – make sure you have a reputable, easy-to-use review service and don’t forget to follow up with your customers to get them to actually leave a review.

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It might seem like it won’t make much difference, but getting online reviews can help you generate business. Having positive reviews can help you grow your business because people trust online reviews and heed them. By putting a little elbow grease into your online review strategy, you can grow your business.

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