5 ways GPS can benefit your tow truck business

GPS is an amazing thing. It’s hard to remember back to a time when GPS wasn’t mainstream and you couldn’t just whip out your phone and tap in an address to get accurate directions and even traffic information. Since a big part of running a tow truck business is driving and getting places, GPS is a natural fit. However, the benefits of GPS for a tow truck business go beyond just getting directions. We’ll go over five ways that GPS can make a huge difference for towing businesses.

5 ways GPS can help your tow truck business.

1. Know where your tow trucks are.

There are a few ways that GPS can come in handy when it comes to finding out where your tow trucks are.

First of all, you as the business manager can easily keep tabs on where the vehicles are. And, since your tow trucks are a major part of your business, that’s kind of important.

Second, GPS can help your tow truck dispatchers be wizards at sending tow trucks where they need to go. They’ll easily be able to find out which truck is nearest to the call, and they can quickly and efficiently get that truck there.

Third, once the dispatcher knows where the closest available tow truck is, they can help the driver find the best way to get to the call. GPS can help your drivers skirt traffic issues and take the most stress-free route available.

2. Fuel and mileage concerns.

Hey, fuel is expensive! But since GPS will allow your tow trucks to be dispatched more efficiently, you can cut down on the amount of fuel that’s used. Sending the closest tow truck means that fewer miles are traveled, which means less fuel is consumed. It might seem like a small thing, but every mile counts. Especially if your dispatchers are able to help your drivers avoid traffic jams that burn fuel without getting them there any faster.

And you’ll be able to reduce your overall mileage, too, since your tow trucks won’t have to run from one end of town to the other and it’s easier to get them where they need to be. Since your tow trucks will be traveling fewer miles, they won’t have as much wear on them, either, which saves money.

One more thing – GPS allows you to track mileage accurately and easily, so you’ll be able to keep up with your regular maintenance with ease. Preventive maintenance is essential to keeping all of your tow trucks running smoothly – you need each and every truck out there on the road, after all, and you need them to be ready to answer the call of duty.

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3. Get your tow truck to the customer faster.

Since your dispatchers will be able to see exactly where the tow trucks are and can send the closest available vehicle to the customer in need, you can cut down on the wait time for your clients. Plus, your dispatcher will be able to give a better idea of exactly when the tow truck will be arriving – GPS conveniently gives an estimated time of arrival.

And if your tow truck is able to get to the customer quickly and on-time, you might be able to get some great online reviews. And positive reviews are very helpful for any business since they can help with getting new customers.

4. Find out where your tow trucks are if they get stolen.

Well, of course, no one wants to think about one of their tow trucks getting stolen – that’s just not a great situation. But in the unfortunate event that a thief does make a getaway with one of your vehicles, GPS can help the police track the vehicle and get it back. It can certainly make it easier for them to do their jobs.

5. Last but not least…GPS can help your insurance rates.

GPS can also help you out when it comes to your insurance rates. GPS systems can track speed, which means that your drivers have more incentive to drive safely. And safe driving can help your drivers avoid speeding tickets and accidents. By avoiding speeding tickets and accidents, you can get lower tow truck insurance rates because your business will have a cleaner loss record. It also gives you the opportunity to intervene if you do notice that one of your drivers is not driving safely.

Basically, insurance companies like to see that tow truck businesses have taken safety measures and that they’re actively tracking data and committing to avoiding accidents.

GPS can do more than tell your drivers where they are and how to get to where they’re going. It can help your entire business run more efficiently. You can reduce fuel expenses and track mileage accurately. You can figure out where your tow trucks are, and it’s easier for your dispatchers to do their jobs. And GPS can also help you save money on your insurance rates. So, consider how GPS can benefit your business.

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