15 healthy snacks that you can stash in your tow truck

As a tow truck driver, you’re a busy person. It’s always go, go, go as you dash from one job to the next. With all the craziness, it can be hard to eat – and snack – healthily. Of course, it’s important that you get the sustenance you need throughout the day, but you also have to consider what you’re snacking on. Along with things like tow truck ergonomics, eating healthy can help you feel better during the day. We’ve got fifteen healthy snacks that you can take with you in your tow truck and munch on between jobs.

Check out these 15 healthy snacks you can keep in your tow truck.

1. Fruit.

Take an apple, orange, or banana with you for a snack. You can take these with you easily, and they’re tasty. However, be mindful that fruit does contain quite a bit of sugar. While fruit is healthy, keep a balanced amount of it in your diet.

2. Dried fruit.

It can be tricky to keep sliced fruit with you in your tow truck all day when you’re on the job and bouncing around from call to call, especially in the summer months. So why not grab some dried fruit as an alternative? When you’re selecting your fruit, consider pairing them with a handful of nuts. (That’ll round out your snack nicely!)

3. Jerky.

Jerky is an easy snack to keep with you and tote around in your truck. Protein is a great source of energy and can help you get through those tough towing jobs. Be aware, however, of the nutrition facts on the jerky and choose one that’s – you got it – healthy.

4. Popcorn.

Nope, it’s not just for the movies! Plain microwave popcorn without butter is a great snack that’s actually pretty healthy. If you make it ahead of time, you can add spices like cinnamon, turmeric, or dried rosemary to make it a little more flavorful.

5. Granola or dry cereal.

If you're looking for healthy snacks, give granola a try.

Granola is a great crunchy snack that can give you an energy boost mid-day, as can a healthy dry cereal.

6. Trail mix.

Combine dried fruit, nuts, and seeds in a healthy trail mix. You can either make it yourself or buy it at the store, but make sure to choose one that’s healthy.

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7. Roasted chickpeas.

Roasted chickpeas are delicious and healthy. Chickpeas provide plenty of protein for a great little energy boost.

8. Healthy granola bars.

Now, this one’s a classic as far as healthy snacks go. Granola bars are great for satisfying your appetite during a hungry moment and they give you energy. Plus they’re really easy to bring with you on the job! But you have to choose your granola bars carefully and pick ones that are actually healthy and nutritious.

9. Raw nuts.

Almonds and cashews both provide lots of protein, and they also contain healthy fat. Be sure to follow the serving suggestion and don’t overeat these tasty, crunchy, salty snacks.

10. Dark chocolate.

Not all healthy snacks are fruits and vegetables!

Want a treat after a particularly trying job? No problem. You can have some dark chocolate. What, chocolate can be healthy? Why, yes, it can – so long as you eat dark chocolate. Naturally, don’t overdo it, but if you want a small treat you can have a bit of dark chocolate.

11. Crackers.

Crackers are a great snack if you’re on the go. Make sure that you choose a nice, healthy cracker and stick to the serving size.

12. Peanut butter roll-up.

Find a whole wheat, healthy tortilla. Add a bit of peanut butter and roll it all up for a quick snack with some protein.

13. Veggies.

Ah, you had to know this one was coming. Fresh vegetables, like carrots and celery, are great – they’re definitely a staple in the world of healthy snacks. They’re crunchy and delicious.

14. Rice cake sandwich.

You can make a tasty, simple “sandwich” using rice cakes, some nut butter, and a little honey. It’s crunchy and delicious! Who said rice cakes have to be boring?

15. Seeds.

If you want to try something that you can snack on by itself or add to a little bit of yogurt, give sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds a go.

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So, there you have it – fifteen healthy snacks that will help you keep your energy level up throughout the day. If you’re of the belief that healthy foods don’t taste good, try one of these snacks and reevaluate! Turns out that taking care of your body by eating healthy, nutrient-rich food is pretty yummy.

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