What happens if I hit a deer with my tow truck?

Okay, so it’s kind of the worst nightmare of a lot of drivers, whether you’re driving an ordinary car or a tow truck: a deer darts out into the road right in front of you and you can’t help hitting it. Not only is it downright terrifying (and sad for the deer), but a deer can do a lot of damage to a vehicle. So, if you’re cruising along in your tow truck and all of a sudden – wham – you hit a deer, what happens? Are you covered by your tow truck insurance? We’ll explain. 

When do you need to watch out for deer?

Deer are always around, of course, but there are particular times that you need to be especially cautious and watchful. For example, you need to be careful during October and November because that’s deer mating season, so they’re all over the place. You also need to be really careful around dawn and dusk, when deer tend to be more active. So, during the fall season, be very mindful of the fact that deer might be out and about. (And remember, where there is one deer, there could be more, so if you spot one be sure to take extra, extra care and slow down.) 

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Are deer covered by tow truck insurance? 

So, if you hit a deer and your tow truck gets damaged, you’re probably not thrilled. The question now is does tow truck insurance cover animal strikes? 

That’s a question for your physical damage insurance. The comprehensive coverage portion of your physical damage insurance can cover animal strikes because they’re considered “acts of God”. Deer don’t exactly act in a logical way, and they kind of pop out into the road at random. So if you hit a deer with your tow truck you could get some help from your comprehensive coverage. Hitting a deer is an unfortunate thing to have happen, but at least you might not be on your own to cover the costs of repairing your tow truck. 

What about collision coverage? 

Another chunk of physical damage insurance is collision coverage, which, like the name suggests, helps cover repairs to your tow truck if you’re involved in a collision – i.e. a wreck. Wait a minute, you might think. If I hit a deer, I collided with it … why isn’t it collision coverage that handles that? Well, like we mentioned above, animal strikes are considered “acts of God”, so they fall under comprehensive coverage. It might seem odd, but there you go. 

Physical damage insurance can come in handy. 

So, that just goes to show why physical damage insurance for tow trucks is so important. Your trucks are expensive, and they’re a huge part of your business being able to run normally. You don’t want to be left to shoulder the costs of repairing your vehicles on your own when you don’t have a choice but to get your tow trucks back on the road ASAP if they’re damaged. 

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