The importance of communication at a towing business

When times get particularly uncertain or difficult, it’s important to consider all of the employees at your tow truck business. That means that when there’s change going on at the company or in the world around you, you need to remember the human element even as you adapt to the changes. That requires communicating well across the towing business so your team knows what’s going on, what the goal is, and so on. Everyone needs to be in agreement on the situation. Here are a few tips for communication at your towing business.

Communication for tow truck businesses

1. Be a good listener.

The first piece of communicating is being a good listener. Hear what people are saying and give other people the chance to speak. Be compassionate – people need to know they can express their concerns. Another aspect of being a good listener is truly focusing on what the other person is saying. Don’t try to multitask (checking email, texting, etc.) when you’re talking to someone. When you’re going through an uncertain time or a time of change, it’s especially important to let people share their grievances. It’s best to have these things out in the open.

2. Be open to other points of view.

Being open-minded is another important part of the communication puzzle. You have to be willing to listen to others’ concerns and perspective. Even though you might not agree with every suggestion, hear people out. You never know – your team might have some ideas that you can implement. Besides, your drivers and dispatchers are the ones who are working at your business.

3. Show that you care.

When you communicate with your tow truck team, you need to make it clear that you truly care about about your team and your business. They need to know that you’re looking out for them and want the best for them. Besides, if you look out for your team, you’re going to have a group of employees who will be committed to your company and who will really work hard for your towing business. It means a lot when you show that you prioritize the team and truly care about them.

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4. Give feedback.

If you need some changes to be made, give constructive feedback. People can’t change what they don’t know about, so if you need need someone to make an adjustment in what they’re doing, you need to let them know. You need to make your expectations clear and be there to help your employees meet them. Also – make sure that your feedback is actually beneficial and presented in a helpful way.

5. Be as honest as possible.

There’s a lot of importance in being as honest as possible, particularly during uncertain times. When things get sticky, it’s really important to be as open and transparent as possible. Yes, it’s perhaps easier to just not communicate or to dodge the tricky questions. But the issue is that if you’re not open and honest, that can really hurt trust at your business. You don’t want people to feel like they’re being duped or deceived. True, you might not be able to tell everyone everything, but chances are people will understand if you just tell them that. A Forbes article points out that you can respond to questions in three different ways. You can either tell the truth, tell them that you will find out the answer if you don’t know, or be upfront and tell them that you can’t say. With any of these paths you’re telling the truth, so your employee knows they’re not having the wool pulled over their eyes. As we’ve mentioned, it’s tempting to take the easy route and not communicate during uncertain times, but really that’s when communication should step up.

6. Communicate with everyone at the towing business.

It’s also really important to communicate with everybody at all levels of your towing business. You really have to be intentional about communicating to everyone or else things can be lost in translation. When messages get funneled down a ladder of people, it can get garbled. You’ve got to make sure that all of your employees at your tow truck business are able to get the clear, undistorted message. Miscommunication isn’t helpful for anyone.

The significance of good communication can’t be overstated. When there is uncertainty at the company or in the world, you’ve got to make sure that you’re communicating well and that you’re communicating a lot. Your tow truck business’s employees need to feel like they’re part of the conversation.

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