5 reasons why online reviews are important for your tow truck business

As a business owner, you’ve probably heard that online reviews have been getting a lot of hoopla lately. But why all the fuss? Why are online reviews of your tow truck or roadside assistance business so important? Does it really make that much of a difference if people leave reviews for your tow truck business? For a number of reasons, the answer is yes. Reviews can have a big impact on a business, especially where services – like towing – are involved. Your drivers have an effect on your tow truck insurance rates, but that’s not where their impact on your business stops. If you don’t already have a system for reviews for your business or if it’s underused, here are 5 reasons to start getting some reviews.

1. People trust online reviews.

People might just trust online reviews the same as they would a personal recommendation. But if there’s no feedback for them to see, there’s nothing for them to trust. They don’t get the chance to read about how amazing your tow truck business is, so they don’t know if they trust you. They might be more likely to choose a different company, one that they know more about. It might seem silly for people to put so much stock in the typed words of a stranger, but they do.

2. Google.

If you have a lot of reviews, you’ll stand out when people see you on Google, especially if you get a star-ranking from your reviews. Having the star-ranking next to your business’s name makes it easier to notice – it sticks out on the page.

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3. Reviews help you figure out what areas you need improvement in.

Reviews are crucial to helping you figure out what your business is doing well, like having a commitment to improving safety at your tow truck business, and what you need to keep doing. Likewise, it can help you pinpoint the areas in which you need to improve. If there are things that your business can do to make the customer’s experience better, it makes sense to put those changes in place. And the only way you’ll know about the opportunities for positive change is if you receive and listen to feedback.

Maybe there are some goals your company can set to improve customer service. Maybe there are training sessions you can run for your drivers to address areas of concern. Feedback is valuable because it allows you the opportunity to correct issues and earn more positive feedback in the future.

4. People use online reviews to make buying decisions.

People might use online reviews to make a buying decision (which we’ve mentioned above.) They want to know what kind of experience other people have had with your towing business. And that leads to our next point…

5. People are searching for a tow truck business they can trust.

When it comes to earning business, trust is the name of the game. People are searching for a tow truck company that others recommend because they want a business they can trust and that others have had good experiences with. That trust goes a long way, especially since you’re transporting people’s cars. Yes, you have on-hook/in-tow coverage to protect you from mishaps, but your customer wants to see that their car is being well cared for.

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Yes, it may seem like a lot of work to track down reviews from customers, who are prone to forget to give feedback despite how appreciative they are when you rescue them. But if you treat customers right and give them a way to review you, they’ll show their appreciation for your tow truck driver bailing them out of the situation they were in. So take the time to set up a review service and commit to using it. You’ll help your tow truck business get some trust, and that trust can go a long way.

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