Why your towing business’s website needs to be mobile-friendly

If you’ve been out in public anytime in the recent past, you’ve probably noticed a bunch of people glued to their phones. You’ve probably even encountered this on the job – maybe you’re out hooking a car up to your tow truck while the driver is typing something on social media about their terrible car break-down. Since technology is a part of our lives and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, think of it this way – how can you turn this to your tow truck business’s advantage? By having a website that’s mobile-friendly as part of your marketing strategy. Why is this important? We’ll explain.

Why your truck business needs a mobile-friendly website.

1. It makes it easier for people who are stranded to find and use your site.

Obviously, if someone’s stranded on the side of the road, they’re not going to be using a desktop to search for a tow truck business. You can’t carry one of those in your pocket. They’re going to turn to their phones. (This seems like a good time to point out that a website that looks stellar on a desktop doesn’t necessarily work great on mobile.)

By having a mobile-friendly website, you raise the odds that people will:

1) Find your website.

2) Be able to use it easily.

2. Mobile allows you to reach a wider audience.

To get people to find your website, that website has to be where they’re looking. Just having a nicely designed website isn’t enough. That website has to be in a format that works the way people will want to use it. We already pointed out that people are very attached to their phones. You don’t want to alienate the people who are using their phones to find a tow truck business by having a website that doesn’t work properly or rank well on mobile. You could be missing a bunch of people if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website for your towing business.

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3. People want results fast.

Let’s be real – when people are Googling and searching on their phones, they want the websites to cooperate. They don’t have a lot of patience if the site is slow, clunky, not formatted well, or not easy to view. They will bounce without hesitation. And there are a TON of other search results they can bounce to, so you have to keep their attention. People expect things to work and work fast, which means that you need to have a mobile-friendly website.

4. Google.

Sometimes marketing is about making Google happy. Since there are a lot of people searching for stuff on their phones, Google wants to have the best content appear first so searchers can easily find what they’re looking for. It’s important to make Google like you. You’ll appear higher on the rankings of Google results.

5. A website is a crucial part of your marketing strategy.

When it comes to marketing a tow truck business or building a brand for your tow truck business, you need a website that ranks well. You work hard to keep your business running, and marketing is a key puzzle piece to getting customers and bringing in income. A professional-looking website that looks great can help you make a good impression on customers even before your truck rolls up to help them.

Boost the mobile-friendliness of your site.

To give your towing business’s website a boost when it comes to mobile, you can try the following:

1. First of all, pull up your website on your phone to see how mobile-friendly it is.

So, you ought to know what your website looks like on a phone – and the easiest place to find that out is, well, by looking at it on your phone. Take a look at your site on your phone and see what you think. Does it load quickly? Is it easy to scroll through? Can you read it and see everything easily? Do the tabs and pages work well? If there are any problems that impact the website’s mobile performance, take note and have them fixed.

2. Look at the site on different phones.

It’s also a good idea to look at other phones, too – iPhones aren’t the same as Samsungs. The site could look different in different browsers, too, or with different accessibility settings on. Ask your friends and family to pull up the site so you can see how it looks on different devices. If there are any problems consistent on different phones, those might be where to start.

3. Make sure the site speed is good.

Another important thing to check is that the site speed is good – meaning it loads quickly and responds quickly. We weren’t kidding when we said that people bounce without a second thought. They’re not going to wait for your site to catch up with them – they’re just not. Especially if they’re broken down on the side of the highway on a hot day.

4. Enlist some professional help to make your website mobile-friendly.

Web design is practically a second language. To help make your site do better on mobile, enlist the help of a website pro who can make some changes so that the site works better on mobile. Have them take a look at your website and shave their impressions. If you have any concerns about loading speed, let them know.

If your towing business’s website could use a few updates to help it do better on mobile, it’s important to get that done. There are a whole bunch of customers out there, and if you can help them find you on their phones, all the better for you.

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