10 tips for towing for auto shops

If you’re planning on partnering with auto body shops, that’s a great idea. Auto shops often need an assist from tow truck company, whether it’s moving a client’s car to or from the shop or moving disabled cars around their lot. It makes sense – obviously tow trucks and cars go hand-in-hand. But how can you develop a real business relationship with an auto shop? How can you be the towing business they call every time when they need a hand? Here are some tips to help you stand out to an auto body shop or auto repair shop.

10 tips for partnering with auto shops.

1. First of all, remember that they’re running a business, too.

It’s important to remember that the owner of the auto shop is trying to run a business, too. They’re busy. They’re trying to take in cars, figure out what’s wrong with cars, fix the cars, and give cars back to the right people. In other words, you might not be their top priority. Be polite and try not to get in the way – if it’s clear that the person you’re speaking with is busy, don’t’ monopolize their time.

2. Be considerate.

You also don’t want to irritate the owner or employees of the auto body shop. Just use some common courtesy and try not to cause problems or trouble (meaning more work) for the shop. Keep your truck out of the way – there’s a limited amount of real estate at a shop, after all. Another thing, take the time to ask where a delivery car needs to go before you just leave it somewhere.

3. Be helpful.

When you’re visiting an auto shop or dropping off a car or something, offer to help. Ask if there’s anything else you can do to lend a hand since you’re already there. Your tow truck is useful! Take a minute to check in with the shop and see if there’s anything extra you can do to make the shop owner’s life easier.

4. Be professional.

This kind of goes back to our first point, but be professional. Make sure your uniform is tidy and your truck looks nice. You want to make a good impression. If the auto shop is working with you, you reflect not only on your business but theirs as well. Conduct yourself professionally and respectfully. You’re a guest of their business.

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5. Be willing to flexible.

Auto shops can help very busy and very chaotic schedules. They may have specific hours. If you’re working with a repair shop, you’ll have to be willing to work with their schedule. Do your best to accommodate their schedule. Be understanding and easy-going.

6. Turn on the customer service skills.

Remember, even though they’re a business they’re your customer. They deserve top-notch customer service. And if you happen to be at their shop when their customers are around you’ll make a doubly good impression.

7. Don’t interrupt.

As we said, you’re not the auto shop’s priority when they’re juggling clients and cars. Be patient and don’t interrupt them when they’re in the middle of handling something. Again, common courtesy. When you do get their attention, take a genuine interest in their business instead of just talking about you, your business, and what you need.

8. Make sure your bills are clear.

It’s also important that your invoices are clear and easy to understand. They need to be easy to decipher and read so that the auto shop owner isn’t pulling their hair out trying to figure out where all these numbers are coming from.

9. Let the auto repair shop do their job.

You work in towing. You know about cars. It might be tempting to offer your input on what’s wrong with the car that you’re dropping off and how to fix it, but try to refrain. Hold yourself back and offer just the necessary information unless they ask for more.

10. Have a marketing strategy.

Wouldn’t it be impressive if your business had a professional-looking website that’s easy to find and navigate? Having a nicely designed website and professional business cards or flyers looks impressive to potential clients. In other words – have a marketing plan for your tow truck business.

Partnering with auto shops can be a great way to bring in revenue for your towing business, but it’s important to develop a good business relationship with them. Make sure that you’re being courteous, professional, and helpful. Do your best to make a good impression so that they’ll want to continue working with you.

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