10 qualities of great tow truck business leaders

If you’re the head of a tow truck business, it’s a fact that you’re in a leadership role. Being a leader can be hard work. There are certain qualities or traits that leaders and bosses possess or develop through the course of their work. When you’re thinking about your towing business, it’s important to keep these qualities in mind.

10 qualities of great tow truck business leaders

1. Passion and dedication.

Having a tow truck business is a lot of work, and your tow truck drivers have a very demanding job. So, leaders at tow truck businesses need to have dedication and enthusiasm for the work. That can inspire the entire team, so leaders need to believe in the mission and the business. It takes determination for a tow truck business to succeed, so a leader has to show that they’re as dedicated as the people who work for them.

2. Doing things right.

Leaders at towing businesses also have to be committed to honesty and doing things the right way. That could be in terms of safety or just how the leader treats people. Doing quality work safely is very important, and setting an example for the team can help inspire trust if they know their boss or manager is committed to doing things right and acting with real honesty and integrity.

3. Communication.

Great leaders also need strong communication skills, especially at a tow truck business. There’s a lot going on, and there isn’t time for miscommunication or uncertainty. And part of being a strong communicator is listening. Leaders have to be able to both talk to their employees (in this case perhaps drivers and dispatchers)…and listen to them. Communication is important in creating a harmonious workplace.

4. Loyalty.

Leaders and tow bosses also need to show loyalty to their team. Employees need to feel like they’re appreciated and valued. A leader should show that they’re truly invested in the well-being of their team. In short, they need to show that they care about the people they’re leading. Don’t forget, though the leader is in charge, they’re still part of the team.

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5. Decision-making.

There are times when a business needs steady, sure guidance, and that means being able to make decisions. Yes, leaders need to listen to feedback and be open and approachable, but they also need to be capable of confident decisiveness when it’s called for. Wishy-washy back-and-forth doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

6. Managing.

It’s one thing to be a good worker…and another to be a good manager. And leaders have to be managers. They have to be able to organize people (and the business). They have to be able to coach, train, instruct, and encourage. So yes, being a leader sometimes involves being a manager.

7. Creativity and innovation.

Technology is constantly evolving. Leading means being willing to adapt and innovate. Having an openness to new things can be healthy for a business. So, whether it’s exploring a new dispatch software that will make life easier for your dispatchers or a new accounting program, keep an open mind. Technology can help you keep up in today’s world.

8. Inspiring.

Leaders also need to be able to lift up their teams and give them the tools and knowledge they need to do their jobs and act independently. They understand that they can train their employees to do their jobs and do their jobs well, then encourage them to be independent. (Within reason of course – leaders also need to know when to make themselves available to support their team.) Employees need to be able to make decisions…and take responsibility for those decisions.

9. Willingness to learn.

Leaders also have to be willing to learn. They need to take in the good and the bad, then evaluate and apply what they learned as they move forward. They should reflect on and evaluate their experiences.

10. Practicality.

A leader also needs a healthy dose of practicality. They have to be able to look at the options, evaluate them in a realistic way, examining these options, and considering the implications. While it’s not ideal to be paralyzed with indecisiveness, leaders do have to put serious thought into their decisions.

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