Why you need to read your tow truck insurance policy all the way through

Tow truck insurance might not be your favorite thing in the world. So, you might not be too thrilled about reading the many, many…many pages that your insurance agent sent you. It’s a paperweight – and it’s also your insurance policy. You might be tempted to shove it in a drawer somewhere and forget about it. But we’re going to give you a few reasons to dust it off and read every word.

5 reasons to read your tow truck insurance policy all the way through

1. You need to make sure you know what is and isn’t covered.

First of all, you need to know what your tow truck insurance is going to protect you against. It’s important to review the perils and losses that your insurance covers. The policy should outline your responsibilities and the insurance company’s responsibilities, which includes explaining what your insurance covers. You don’t want to get a nasty surprise if a loss you thought was covered actually isn’t. Nasty surprises are not good.

2. You need to see how much coverage you have.

You can also find out how much coverage you have and make sure that you have the right amount of coverage. Does your auto liability insurance provide you with enough coverage to protect your business if an accident happens? You need to be able to carry on if something happens, and making sure you have high enough limits of coverage is a big part of that.

Also, how are your trucks covered? If one of your trucks was damaged or destroyed, how would the insurance company reimburse you? Those tow trucks are valuable, after all, so you need to make sure that you have the coverage you need in case something happens to them. Whether it’s an accident or a fire, a loss to your truck could be devastating.

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3. Making sure everything is correct in your tow truck insurance policy.

It’s also important to read through your tow truck insurance policy so you know that all the information in the policy is correct. Is your information correct? Do you have the coverages, deductibles, and limits that you asked for? Insurance agents are human beings, and mistakes could happen. It’s important that you go through everything to make sure that you have the coverage you think you do. If there are any errors, kindly ask your agent to fix them.

4. You might find some questions.

You might not know that you have any questions about your insurance until you crack the cover on your policy. Then you might find that you’re curious about some of the wording or language in it. Take a second to write those things down and get in touch with your insurance agent. They should be happy to explain things to you.

It’s a classic example of someone asking if you have any questions and you responding that you think you’re good, until five minutes later when you run into a question. Reading through your policy might help you uncover a few things that you’d like to know more about.

5. Peace of mind.

Quite simply, reading through your tow truck insurance policy can help you find some peace of mind knowing that your business is protected from all sorts of losses. Some of those occurrences might not even be things that you’d think about, like your tow truck catching fire. Rather than fretting about what tomorrow could bring, you can face the future with more confidence, knowing that even if you hit a bump in the road your insurance will have your back and help you get back on your feet. While the road comes with its hazards, tow truck insurance is specifically designed to protect businesses that operate in your industry.

At the very least, maybe reading through the policy will help you feel better about having to pay for insurance in the first place. We all know that tow truck insurance has been getting expensive. It’s an unfortunate reality. But maybe reading through your policy and seeing what it will do for your business in the event of a loss will make it feel like your insurance is a worthwhile purchase. We get it – insurance isn’t really something tangible. You can’t drive it. You can’t run a business out of it. But it’s still a really important investment, and you may as well take the time to see what that investment is actually doing for you.

Okay, we understand that the tiny print on your tow truck insurance isn’t exactly riveting. But it’s important to read through your tow truck insurance policy so that you understand the coverage you have for your business. You don’t have to do it all at once – take it section by section. Break it down. Set goals. We can help you save on your tow truck insurance.

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