Tips for recruiting women tow truck drivers

Towing is a tough industry to be in…and it’s a largely male-dominated industry. There aren’t a ton of women in the towing world. If you want to recruit more women to work at your tow truck business, you have to consider your recruiting techniques so that you can reach more women and welcome them to your tow truck business. Here are a few tips for you as a leader to recruit more women to your towing business.

How to recruit more women tow truck drivers.

1. Reconsider your recruiting materials.

You have to take a look at your ads and your recruiting materials. Do your ads include photos of women? Are you showing women tow truck drivers?  Also, don’t be afraid to ask women what they think of your ads – how they’re worded, the photos, and so on. Get some feedback.

2. Show why your business is an ideal place to work.

What about your business lets women know that you’re committed to creating a great work environment? What opportunities make your tow truck business an appealing place to work? For example, could you offer any flexibility with hours? What sort of trucks do you have? What can you do to keep safety at the top of the list of priorities? You have to make sure you’re presenting a job opportunity that appeals to the audience you’re trying to reach.

(Another thing to remember – don’t make potential women recruits feel like they’re just a token. Women don’t want to feel like they earned a job because of their gender. They want to earn their job based on merit and their skill set.)

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3. Keep safety as a focus.

You also need to create a safe work environment for your female employees. That means they should face no harassment from any of your other employees. They should not feel uncomfortable working on the same team as your other drivers.

This also extends to safety training for the job. Make sure to spend plenty of time training new employees on how to do the job safely. This shows that you value the well-being of your drivers as individuals. All employees, both men and women, need to be equipped with the know-how and tools they need to succeed at doing their jobs – and succeed safely at that.

Anyways, safety and health are important!

4. Consider the equipment you’re providing.

You also need to consider the trucks and equipment you’re providing. Are they tripped out with technology that makes the job easier and less demanding physically? Women are strong and they are capable, of course, but having tow trucks that help with the grunt-work side of things would likely be appreciated. That way all of your drivers can spend less time trying to get a disabled vehicle on the truck and more time getting it where it needs to go.

5. Provide mentorship.

It’s also important to provide training and mentorship. Do you already have female drivers? Consider getting them to team up with your new drivers so they can pass along advice gained from their own experience. Creating workplace friendships is important in helping your drivers feel good about their jobs.

6. Foster an environment of respect.

It’s also crucial to have a workplace where people respect each other. Your female drivers should always feel like their voices are being heard and that they’re being taken seriously. Not that women want or expect special treatment, but they do want to feel like they matter and have an equal footing as the men in their role.

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So, those are a few tips for recruiting more women tow truck drivers at your business. Consider your recruiting materials, your work environment, and training. While trucking is often seen as being male-dominated, you can recruit more women as tow truck drivers by being conscious of the things women are looking for in a job.

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