8 social media mistakes to avoid

Since its rise to popularity, social media has become a powerful marketing tool for towing businesses. However, it’s easy for companies to misuse social media when it comes to marketing and building a brand. So, we want to help you avoid some of the most common social media mistakes of tow truck businesses.

8 social media mistakes to avoid

1. Not having a business account

Many operators think that having a website or even just a Yelp page is enough to promote their business. While these results appear highly on a Google search, depending on your SEO, it’s probably not enough to help people truly trust your company. Even if you put valuable content on your website, it’s still a one-way conversation.

A social media profile made specifically for your business (not your personal account) can give customers and potential clients have a way to interact with you. That way, it adds a human touch to your company and makes you stand out from other businesses.

2. Only using a Facebook account

On the other side of the coin, you shouldn’t only have a social media page to showcase your business. While media like Facebook and Instagram can be a great additional way to promote your company, using only these pages can seem unprofessional. A customer can see the sole use of a Facebook page as a lack of effort and care, which means that someone may not take great effort and care when handling their vehicle.

Instead, your social media pages should be a polished addition to your towing website. There are tons of free tools and templates available to give you a professional-looking online presence. A company webpage also allows you to implement more SEO, which allows more people to find your business through a web search.

3. A lack of consistency

Posting on a regular schedule, even if it’s not every day, can help keep your business fresh on customers’ minds. That way, even if they don’t need your services immediately, they think of you first when they do. Publishing content from the towing industry, your own content, and events/quips about your business’s daily activities lets others become familiar with the people they may work with in the future. Additionally, going inactive on social media makes you miss out on the opportunity to converse with your clients in a human way.

4. Not having a social media plan

Trying to wing social media as a business can easily lead to disaster and a lack of consistency. There are also tons of things that can go wrong, and you need to have a plan to face any bumps in the road. Before you start posting, ask yourself: What kind of content do I want to post? How often do I want to post? Do I want the voice of my posts to be casual or formal? How will I handle negative comments? How will I handle a mispost? What happens if my account is hacked? These questions and many more are factors to consider when starting social media for your towing business.

Be aware of these social media mistakes as you create your social media strategy.

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5. Not updating information

Although you may have certain information on your towing business’s website, it’s still important to keep your business’s social media page updated with your hours, services, and location. When people find business pages on social media, they’ll do the extra work to search the business and find their website. So, meet your potential customers where they are. Make it as easy as possible for them to contact you. You may even want to include a link to your website on your profile.

6. Not engaging with your audience

Because social media is, well, social, your business page can and should be a place where you can interact with clients and potential customers. If someone comments on one of your posts or leaves a review, let them know you appreciate it! Address negative feedback immediately. Respond to general comments that made you laugh or that you have thoughts on. React to a post or two. When people see a business interact with their activity, it adds a human element to the company and helps the brand stand out.

7. Creating a “wall of text”

It can be tempting to spout out a social media text post every now and then, but it may be overwhelming to see a ton of them in a row. Remember, you want to make your page as easy as possible for customers to navigate your page and reach out to you. So, throw some photos or videos in between your text posts. The images can help you stand out in someone’s feed, and it gives you an opportunity for you to show off your trucks, your employees, your business location, or any other fun facts that can help customers connect with who you are as a business.

8. Only promoting your business

Of course, the purpose of having an online presence is to promote your business in a modern way. Nonetheless, if your social media feed is constantly asking people to do business with you, the content can become stale and people will lose interest. The occasional advertising post doesn’t hurt, but intersperse them throughout your page to show why people should work with you. Show off your truck, a tough job, a company outing, an event, or anything else that could help humanize your brand. Remember, it’s all about connection!

At the end of the day, social media is about creating a connection. So, most social media “mistakes” are about not taking the time to truly relate to your clients, either directly or indirectly.

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