What’s a deductible and how does it affect my tow truck insurance rates?

Choosing a deductible for your tow truck insurance can be a balancing act.

Tow truck insurance comes with many insurance-related terms that you need to know. Liability. Exclusions. Claim. Premium. One of those words is deductible. Now, your deductible is an important part of your tow truck insurance. We’ll give you the definition of deductible and explain how it affects your tow truck insurance – it might seem like just a random number, but it’s much more than that.

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When should I file an insurance claim on one of my tow trucks?

Reporting a claim for your tow trucks could make your insurance rates go up.

To claim or not to claim, that is the question. If you drive tow trucks for a living, you’ve seen your fair share of crazy situations. At this point, you’re pretty convinced that you’ve seen everything that life can throw at you. Anything can happen when you’re in charge of transporting broken cars to where they need to go.

Anything includes, well, anything. Frustrating things that leave your tow truck damaged might leave you asking if the universe is out to get you. To fix the problem, you might be tempted to claim it on your insurance.

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