5 Everyday Challenges for Tow Truck Drivers

challenges for tow truck drivers

According to statistics, around 69 million cars break down every year in the US. These breakdowns can happen virtually anywhere and at anytime. You may think it’s an easy process for tow truck drivers to come and haul your vehicle away, but that’s not the case. In fact, dealing with a roadside breakdown can be quite challenging.

There are many hazards and risks involved with being a tow truck driver since they operate such large vehicles. In this article, we’ll discuss the five challenges that tow truck drivers face every day while on the job.

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Night Towing Safety Tips

night towing

When it gets dark outside, driving becomes more dangerous. Visibility is reduced at night and the light from other cars’ headlights can play tricks on your eyes. Driving a tow truck can be dangerous at all times of the day, but even more so at night. Your drivers will be having to pull over and assist broken-down vehicles in the middle of the night, which can be risky. Therefore, your drivers must be confident and able to mitigate the risks involved. Night towing requires more focus since there’s an increased chance of injury and collision at night.

Oftentimes tow truck drivers find themselves working the night shift and cars just love to break down when it’s three in the morning and very dark outside. Therefore, we’ve provided some safety tips to keep your tow truck operators safe while on the job.

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The Main Contributors in Tow Truck Accidents and How to Avoid Them

tow truck accidents

Seeing a tow truck when you’ve been in an accident or when you’re stranded on the side of the road can be a big relief. However, accidents involving tow trucks can be a serious problem. This is due to the overall weight of the vehicle. Not to mention most times they’re hauling another vehicle on top of it.

Since tow trucks are such large vehicles, they need more time to come to a stop or change their speed. Also, these vehicles require more space to maneuver and have bigger blind spots. All of these things make operating a tow truck much more difficult. As a result, this can increase the chances of a tow truck getting into an accident. 

Therefore, it’s essential to understand the factors that contribute to tow truck accidents and how to prevent them. Let’s begin.

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Towing Industry Challenges

towing industry challenges

Car breakdowns and accidents are common occurrences everywhere. In situations like these, people are likely to seek assistance from a tow truck. As a result, this creates a high demand for tow truck drivers around the country. However, there are a few challenges that professionals in the towing industry may face. Therefore, we are going to discuss the risks and challenges tow truck operators and businesses face daily.

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Winter Safety Tips for Tow Truck Drivers

tow truck in snow

Winters are one of the busiest seasons for tow truck drivers for various reasons. Car batteries can fail, vehicles can slide from ice, and even break down. In these situations, it’s nearly impossible for vehicle owners to manage on their own. Therefore, tow truck drivers come in handy in such situations. It doesn’t matter if you do roadside assistance or repo work; we have some tips that will ensure your safety this winter. Let’s begin.

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5 Challenges Tow Truck Drivers Face

roadside assistance workers on side of road

Tackling bad weather or vehicle breakdowns is daunting while driving. However, with options like towing services, you can contact roadside assistance providers to pick up your broken car, regardless of where you are.

Though calling the service and getting your car picked up seems like a simple task, on the other end, it carries many challenges for tow truck drivers. Towing operators face many hurdles and tough situations to keep themselves, you, and your car safe.

Keep on reading to find out what challenges a tow truck driver faces.

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The Importance of Move Over Laws

The current year has been daunting for AAA. Especially after two tow truck operators lost their lives recently while assisting drivers along the road. These incidents along with all the others is enough to indicate the seriousness of this problem. Roadside professionals are losing their lives or being seriously injured due to other’s negligence. This article highlights the importance of Move Over Laws and how they help protect tow truck operators while on the job.

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Tow Truck Drivers Ask Other Drivers to Slow Down

tow truck at night

According to the CDC, tow truck drivers are at a higher risk of losing their lives than other drivers. That is the reason most states such as Washington and Oregon require drivers to lower the speed when passing a tow truck. Unfortunately, many drivers don’t slow down even after the warning of a $140 ticket.

The drivers are usually in hurry and drive without paying attention to the road. Due to this, tow truck drivers have to deal with the fear of injury and death on a regular basis.

Let’s plunge into the discussion to understand why paying attention to the plea of tow truck operators and slowing down on the road is crucial.

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