Iowa expands its Move Over law to include all vehicles with flashing lights

Iowa recently expanded its Move Over law.

Move Over laws are very important to the towing world. Each year, many tow truck operators lose their lives or are severely injured when they’re struck by a car while working on the side of the road. On July 1st, Iowa expanded its Move Over law to better protect drivers and vehicles parked on the side of the road. The law now requires drivers to change lanes or slow down for any vehicle displaying flashing lights.

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Alabama seeking to expand the state’s Move Over Law

A bill that would expand Alabama's move over law is currently under review.

There’s some big news on the horizon for Alabama towers:

The state of Alabama is seeking to broaden its Move Over law.

Many states have adopted some form of a Move Over law, which requires motorists to change lanes or slow down when they approach a stopped emergency vehicle. However, many towers feel that these laws are ineffective, as drivers still fly by tow trucks that are on the side of the road. Drivers hit ambulances, fire trucks, tow trucks…and people.

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