Safety is the key to success in towing

Safety key to success in towing

Trucking is a dangerous industry. There is no getting around that. You’ve got 18-wheelers hurtling down the roads, which they share with much smaller vehicles. Even a smaller truck, like a box truck or a tow truck, is still far heavier than a normal car. And besides, the trucking industry is heavily regulated. Something that I’ve learned in my experience working in transportation insurance is that safety can be the key to success for trucking businesses. There are a few things towing and trucking businesses can do to step up their safety and protect themselves. 

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5 risks of driving a tow truck and how to prepare for them

Risks of driving a tow truck

If you drive a tow truck, there are a lot of challenges that come along with the job. Driving a commercial vehicle that’s bulky and large isn’t like driving a regular car. It’s important to be aware of these things and to be prepared for them. Tow trucks aren’t necessarily the easiest of vehicles to handle. Here are a few of the challenges or risks of operating a truck and some tips.

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Tips for driving a tow truck around pedestrians

Driving tow truck around pedestrians

When you drive a tow truck, you’re in charge of a very large vehicle. And that presents some very large challenges, particularly when there are pedestrians and cyclists. The people who are sharing the road with you, whether on foot or on bike, can present even more of an issue. You have to be extremely cautious when you’re driving around people. Here are a few things to be mindful of when you’re operating your tow truck around pedestrians or cyclists.

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Tips for safety for driving a tow truck in a work zone

Driving in work zone

If you’re driving a tow truck, it’s probably inevitable that you’re going to encounter road work at some point. Construction happens. Being in a work zone can be stressful enough, and not just because of the inevitable slow down in traffic. There are a lot of hazards that go along with road work. Here are a few tips to stay safe while driving through a work zone.

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4 reminders for driving in winter weather conditions

Winter weather driving conditions

The winter months are tough, and the conditions can be tricky for driving – especially a big, hefty vehicle like a tow truck. For any driver, it’s important to keep in mind the fact that these conditions aren’t ideal. Winter can be an adventure for tow truck operators, who have to handle the emergency calls and handle the weather at the same time. Here are a few basic reminders for heading into the coldest season of the year.

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Lynchburg, VA brings out portable speed bumps to protect first responders

Lynchburg will start using portable speed bumps.

The Lynchburg Fire Department in Virginia has decided to take steps to protect first responders working on the side of the road. They have recently bought portable speed bumps, which can be brought to the scene of an accident or emergency and rolled out across the road to encourage people to slow down. They roll up to fit into a pouch that can be easily taken to accident scenes, and then the portable speed bump is simply unrolled across a lane.

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What PPE do tow truck drivers need on the job?

Make sure your tow truck drivers have the right PPE.

Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, is an essential part of keeping tow truck drivers safe on the job. Your drivers have to be equipped with the gear they need to stay safe when they’re out there working on the side of the road. PPE is so important that OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Association) has guidelines for what employers have to provide to keep their employees safe. You’ve got to make sure you’re following all relevant OSHA guidelines at your business.

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9 holiday gift ideas for tow truck drivers

Check out these holiday gift ideas for tow truck drivers.

The holidays can be one of the most stressful times of year – partly because of the shopping. You want to give something thoughtful, but not too vague. You want to give your loved one something they can use and not stash in their closets never to be seen again. But what do you do if your giftee spends most of their day inside the cabin of a tow truck? If you’re at a loss of what to get the tow truck driver in your life, here are some holiday gift ideas that they’re sure to love.

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How to establish a culture of safety at your tow truck business

It's important to establish a culture of safety at your business.

There’s no arguing about the fact that safety is crucial in the tow truck industry. Tow truck drivers face a lot of risks when it comes to their jobs – working on the side of the road with cars flying by is dangerous and scary. Of course, many of the dangers of towing aren’t in the control of you or your drivers – you can’t control the actions of other people on the road, the weather, and so on, but you can make safety a fundamental part of your business by creating a culture of safety.

What do we mean by a culture of safety? We mean that safety is something that defines your business. It’s a fundamental part of what the business is. How do you go about creating a culture of safety? We’ve got seven tips for you.

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How to prevent common on-the-job towing injuries

Take care to prevent common towing injuries.

Towing is not exactly the safest job out there. The side of the road is an unpredictable and dangerous workplace. And with that danger comes injury. There are many common towing injuries, including slips and trips, back pain, hand wounds, falls, foot injuries, eye injuries, and roadside strikes. The question is, how can you prevent towing-related, on-the-job injuries? We’ll break down some tips to prevent common injuries.

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