The Benefits of Dash Cams for Tow Trucks

According to the National Transportation Safety Board, fleets and towing businesses should consider installing a video monitoring system in their trucks. By doing so companies can protect their drivers against fraudulent claims and improve their driving skills.

Dash cams have become an essential device in both the trucking and towing world. As you know, operating a heavy-duty vehicle requires a lot of skill and there are a lot of risks involved. In fact, tow truck accidents can be very costly. This is where dash cams would prove to be very beneficial.

Dash cams give you the ability to monitor your surroundings and refer back when necessary. For example, say you’re parked and go inside for a snack, and when you come back out someone backed up into your tow truck. Without the help of a dash cam, you wouldn’t know who did it or have any proof. Therefore, you could be left footing your own repair bill!

The point is, dash cams can help towing companies save a significant amount of money. Then this money could be used towards improving fleet performance and safety.

In this article, we’ll discuss the many benefits of using a dash cam for tow trucks.

What Are the Benefits of Dash Cams for Tow Trucks?

Accident and Collision Footage

The number one benefit of having a dash cam is the ability to capture video evidence for truck accidents and collisions. There won’t always be a witness around to testify on your behalf, so your dash cam will be your best friend in these circumstances.

Unfortunately, accidents aren’t always avoidable, even if you have experienced and trained tow truck drivers. With the help of a dash cam, you can prove your driver’s innocence in the event of a crash.

Many trucking and towing companies spend lots of time, energy, and money fighting legal battles. Oftentimes these heavy-duty vehicles are the ones blamed in incidents like these due to their overall size.

So, with a dash cam, you can provide your legal consultant with clear evidence of what happened or who was responsible for the crash. This can cut the length of the legal process down by more than half.

Proof for Insurance Claims

After an accident or collision, you’ll have to contact your insurance provider. But what if you don’t have any evidence to back up your claim? If this is the case, prepare for a prolonged claims process and the possibility you’ll be denied.

However, if you provide video evidence to show your insurer what happened during the incident then your claim will be processed much quicker. Evidence also helps prove your innocence so you have a better chance of your claim being approved.

Moreover, installing a dash cam can help protect against fraudulent claims filed against you. Unfortunately, some people out there purposely cause an accident or pretend to be injured so they can receive an insurance payout. Therefore, having dash cams for your tow trucks can help in these cases.

Save Money on Your Tow Truck Insurance

Did you know having a dash cam can save you 10 to 50% on your insurance premiums? Insurance companies reward businesses who are proactive when it comes to risks and fraud. So, if you have dash cams in your tow trucks, talk with your insurance provider and see if you’re eligible for a discount.

Gives Drivers Peace of Mind

A dash cam can give your tow truck drivers peace of mind. When they install a dash cam, they can drive along busy roads, leave the truck unattended, and drive at night without worrying too much. With this device, drivers feel protected.

Summing Up

Dash cams in tow trucks can offer towing companies a slew of benefits. From accident footage to filing insurance claims, towing companies can cut costs and grow their profits by practicing risks management.



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