The Difference between Towing and Recovery Services

Considering there are over 200 million drivers in the US, we’re no stranger to witnessing a regular tow happening along the side of the road. Nevertheless, there are some situations that necessitate the use of specialized towing equipment and tools to recover vehicles from difficult-to-reach locations. During inclement weather conditions, it’s not uncommon for tow truck drivers to provide recovery services to a vehicle that’s gotten stuck in the mud or slid off the road.

Vehicle towing and recovery are the two most commonly used services, but many people are confused about the distinction. So, in this article, we’ll evaluate and contrast the two towing services. Let’s get started!

What’s Vehicle Towing?

Vehicles can fail on the road for a variety of reasons. It could be due to a mechanical failure or a lack of fuel. In the event of a minor problem, tow truck drivers can address the issue while the car remains on the side of the road. However, for bigger problems, the vehicle must be transported to another location or an autobody shop to receive the attention it needs.

There are five main types of tow trucks available. These include a traditional hook and chain, wheel lift, integrated, flatbed, and rotator. Typically, flatbeds are the most commonly used tow truck due to their ease of use and overall low-risk rating.

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What’s Vehicle Recovery?

The damage to your vehicle can be pretty serious in the case of bad accidents or natural disasters. In fact, most cars in this instance would be damaged beyond repair and need something more than a standard tow.

This is where recovery towing come into play. These tow trucks use special equipment to retrieve the vehicle so that it can be towed away. Oftentimes these automobiles are stranded on an unpaved road, stuck in the mud, or lying in a ditch. In this situation, a standard tow truck driver wouldn’t have the necessary tools, equipment, or professionalise to assist.

The Difference between Towing and Recovery Services

Aside from the vehicle used, the equipment for both towing services is very different.

Recovery Strap

A recovery strap is used during the retrieval process and it’s made out of nylon and other stretchy materials. They’re useful for these types of services since they can be stretched up to 30 percent longer than their original length.

These straps are available in a number of sizes, and it’s vital the correct one is used.  Failure to do so could result in the strap breaking due to the pressure.

Tow Strap

A tow strap is used in standard towing to secure the inoperable vehicle to the tow truck. These straps don’t stretch as they’re made with Dacron or polypropylene. In fact, some are even just metal chains!

And just like recovery straps, you have to use one that can withstand the weight of the towed vehicle. The last thing you want is your tow strap breaking mid-tow!

Bottom Line

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