The Importance of Towing Mirrors

When discussing towing mirrors, their size certainly matters. Tow truck drivers need to be able to see the road when they are driving, especially their blind spots. The problem with the standard side mirrors comes down to their size; they’re simply not big enough for that large of a vehicle.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of towing mirrors and how to use them correctly.

Why Towing Mirrors Are Important

Standard side mirrors won’t cut it when you’re operating a tow truck. Since the length and size of the vehicle are increased, your visibility decreases. Furthermore, when you’re towing a vehicle behind you, this can create an even more hazardous blind spot.

professionals note that smaller side mirrors and blind spots are some of the most common reasons for towing-related accidents. Therefore, if a towing company is looking to improve their tow truck’s visibility, they should invest in proper towing mirrors.

These towing mirrors are essential for helping them see vehicles, pedestrians, and other obstacles in the road. With the right towing mirrors, drivers can have a better vision of the road, which will allow them to operate safer.

Another important reason a tow truck needs the correct towing mirrors is to meet state regulations. Some have specific dimensions that the mirror has to meet, while others will be more general. Check your state’s regulations on side mirrors for tow trucks before you start operating. Laws will vary from state to state.

How Most Towing Mirrors Work

Tow truck drivers need to see every inch of the road. While most drivers can easily see the road in front of them, they’ll need help on the sides and back of the truck. Tow trucks come in all different shapes and sizes, which means their visibility will vary. Therefore, they’ll need the right size mirrors to fit their truck’s specific needs.

Tips for Using Towing Mirrors

Tip 1: Clean Regularly

While obvious, some drivers will not clean their mirrors unless they need to. Make sure you clean them regularly, especially when driving in harsh weather.

Tip 2: Get the Correct Size

There is a general rule that you can follow when finding the right mirror. The side mirrors should be one inch wide for every 10 feet of the vehicle’s total length. This length includes the towed vehicle.

The driver needs mirrors that are both long and wide to see the ground below. This can remove a major blind spot and is especially effective in being able to see the other cars and objects around you.

Tip 3: Adjust Accordingly

Adjust the mirrors accordingly to get the most out of your side mirrors. First, place them perpendicular to the vehicle, and sit in the truck. Once in the driver’s seat, start to adjust the left mirror until you see 200 feet behind you. You will likely need some assistance in adjusting the right mirror properly.



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