Time management tips for your tow truck business

If you’re the manager of a tow truck business, you’re a very busy person. Maybe you’re constantly feeling the struggle of keeping your day organized and managing the limited number of hours in the day. There’s a lot to do and only a limited amount of time in which to do it. (Running a towing business is no easy task.) Anyways – here are a few tips for time management for you as the boss of a tow truck business.

Time management tips if you’re a tow truck business manager.

1. Keep tabs on your time.

As the manager or boss of a towing business, it’s a constant flurry of activity. The first step is figuring out exactly where your time is going. You have to be pretty particular about recording your time – and include the things that aren’t necessarily work-related. So, try recording your time usage for a week and see where your time is going. Write down how much time you spend on email, meetings, and tasks directly-related to your job. Find out what’s taking up the most time. You’ll be able to see what you’ve been working on and which tasks are essential (along with when those things need to be done).

2. Create the framework.

Once you have a handle on what’s happening with your schedule, you can sort out a framework for what your week (or day – you can take it a day at a time). Put down your essential tasks where they need to go, then work around that. You have to be able to prioritize what’s the most important and make sure those get onto the list. Take care of the top-priority things first. Hopefully taking stock of your schedule will give you an idea of what those important things are and how much time they will take. Then fill in other things around the essential tasks.

When you’re putting your schedule in place, don’t forget to block out time for a proper lunch break. You need some time to rest and relax during the day. It’s good for mental health to take a break. And apart from lunch breaks you can also set some other mini-breaks during the day. Having a breather can help refresh your energy levels. So – don’t forget to have break time on your schedule when you do your time-management.

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3. Work your schedule around what works for you.

You have to make sure that your schedule works for you. If you have the most energy in the morning, plan to use that time for the thing that takes the most brainpower. Block off a set time for things like email or other running-the-business tasks. Anyways, set up your day in a way that takes advantage of when you feel most energetic. (And maybe slide those breaks in when you feel you’ll need a rest.)

4. Have flexibility.

You also have to realize that things happen and things come up, so your schedule might not perfect. That’s why your schedule needs to be flexible. Someone might need to talk to you about something, you might get a phone call, you might get thrown off your schedule. You need some wiggle room in there to account for that. However, having your schedule can help you get your day back under control.

(Along those lines, you need to accept that you might need to adjust your schedule as you go. Priorities might shift throughout the day. It’s kind of a trial and error thing as you figure out what time-management scheduling will work for you as you run your tow truck business.)

5. Identify the things that steal time.

There are inevitably those things that steal our time. Look at your time-tracking records and ask if there’s anything particularly distracting. Or, to think of it another way, ask if there’s anything that’s taking up more time than anticipated – for example, did you have more time on the phone or email than you thought? It’s important to know what things you need to keep an eye on that could become problematic.

6. Be realistic.

You also have to be realistic when you do your time-management. If you try to do too much or bite off more than you can chew, it’s easy to get frustrated if things don’t work out. We’re not trying to take the wind out of your sails, but you need to be realistic about things. How much time are your tasks really going to take? You need to be mindful of what you’re committing to and get to all of the priorities that you have to get through.

There’s a lot that goes into running a tow truck business. You need to have great time-management skills, and that can be tough. It comes down to knowing what items are priorities and plan to have wiggle room in your day for those unforeseen things that come up. And don’t forget to fit in time to have breaks! That’s important. Time management is essential for your tow truck business.

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