How to promote your tow truck business with marketing

Okay, so you’ve got this new tow truck business. You’re really excited to see your dream become a reality. You’ve got your trucks. You’ve got your premises. You’ve got drivers. But there’s one more thing you need…customers. Paying customers. How exactly does a tow truck business get the clients they need to stay afloat? They have to promote themselves with marketing. Check out these seven tips on how to promote your tow truck business.

7 marketing tips for promoting your business.

1. Make sure your website is optimized for search engines.

Make sure your website is what now?

Being optimized for search engines means that when someone goes on the Internet and looks for someone to tow their car, your website will pop up as one of the first results on the page. Many people don’t scroll past the first few search results, so the higher you are on the page, the better. You’ve got to make sure Google likes your website. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means that your website will come up when people search for certain keywords that you’re trying to “rank” for – meaning that you want to be found when people search for those words. For example, tow truck in Birmingham.

It’s not enough just to have a website. Google has to like it.

2. Make sure your website is very user-friendly for mobile.

Think about it – someone’s stranded on the side of the road because their car broke down. Are they going to be searching for a tow truck business on a desktop or laptop? Nope. They’re going to whip out their smartphone, which means that your website needs to do well when viewed on mobile devices. Make sure that your website will look good and respond quickly on mobile – if it’s finicky or it doesn’t load at lightning speed, people will bounce (leave the page.) Getting your website to work on mobile is a marketing must.

3. Match your branding across all media.

Your online presence (your social media, your website, etc.) and your print materials (business cards, brochures, ads, etc.) should have a consistent look and feel. That should stay the same across the board, and so should your logo. With consistent branding, you can help people recognize your business.

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4. Get online reviews.

So you’ve got your website all set up and your business is doing well. To help your online presence and drum up business, you can get online reviews. Why are online reviews important, you may ask? Getting reviews can help your Google ranking. Plus, consumers trust online reviews – many potential customers check out a business’s reviews before making the decision to make a purchase or enlist a service, so it’s important that there’s something there for them to see. Getting good online reviews can convince a potential customer to call your tow truck business rather than your competition.

5. Use social media.

People love social media. Love it. To help establish your online presence, get on social media. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are all popular platforms that many businesses use to put themselves out there. Having social media content that’s engaging and entertaining can help raise awareness of your brand and your business. Basically, your goal is to reach as many potential clients as possible. And social media is a great way to strive for that goal – it’s a key part of digital marketing.

6. Set yourself apart.

There are a lot of tow truck companies out there. A lot. So, what makes your company unique? Why are you better than your competition? While everyone might say they have the best tow trucks and the best prices, what makes you different? Do you pride yourself on your quick response time? The know-how of your drivers? The easiness of getting a car towed by your company? Find your thing and set yourself apart in your marketing.

Make yourself a better choice than your competitors by identifying a pain point that your client has – maybe fear that it will take forever for the towing company to get there – and then explain how you will relieve that pain – by getting a truck to the driver in “this many” minutes. Now, you don’t want to be making promises that you can’t deliver, of course, but you get what we’re saying.

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You’ve figured out how to start a tow truck business, but now your next step is promoting it. Try out the above tips to help get the word about your business out there. As we mentioned earlier, you need clients in order for your tow truck business to be successful.

And, of course, you also need tow truck insurance. Our team of tow truck insurance professionals can help you get multiple quotes for your insurance so you can save money by comparing pricing and coverages. We understand the risks you face and the coverages you need, and we’ll take the time to get to know you and your business so we can best advise you about the insurance side of owning a tow truck business.


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