Tow Truck Drivers Ask Other Drivers to Slow Down

According to the CDC, tow truck drivers are at a higher risk of losing their lives than other drivers. That is the reason most states such as Washington and Oregon require drivers to lower the speed when passing a tow truck. Unfortunately, many drivers don’t slow down even after the warning of a $140 ticket.

The drivers are usually in hurry and drive without paying attention to the road. Due to this, tow truck drivers have to deal with the fear of injury and death on a regular basis.

Let’s plunge into the discussion to understand why paying attention to the plea of tow truck operators and slowing down on the road is crucial.

Slowing Down Advocates Safe Working Conditions

Across many states in the U.S., more than 100 tow truck drivers are killed on the side of the road every year. These people take a huge safety risks every day and that makes it crucial for other drivers to do their part and slow down, move over. Tow truck drivers work extremely hard to help people in need of roadside assistance.

Laws to Protect Vehicles

Many jurisdictions across the U.S. have strict laws to protect tow truck drivers. The CAA has passed these laws:

  • Requires drivers of any vehicle to slow down, and drive with care and caution when they pass by a tow truck or other emergency vehicles.
  • If it is safe and possible motorists should change lanes. If they fail to do so, they may face a fine of $480 and 3 demerit points for an offense.

Keep in mind that repeat offenders may lose their car license for a minimum of two years and can face up to five months in jail.

Though the law is effective for six years, the CAA in its latest survey found that more than 55 percent of drivers fail to slow down or move over for tow trucks. However, a large number of people do it for emergency vehicles, such as ambulances, fire trucks, and police vehicles.

Why Slowing Down Is Important When Driving On the Road

Drivers need to slow down to 30 mph or below the given speed limit if driving on the road next to a tow truck. The practice is really important for the safety of the tow truck operators. It becomes even more important if the weather is snowy and icy as it may increase the chance of a car crash. If it is night time and visibility is low it is crucial to slow down and move over if possible as well.

Summing Up

Legally, tow truck operators are not the first responders but they often arrive on the scene right away. They’re “emergency” responders which mean they can drive along the road, and drivers should slow down as they pass. Next time you see a tow truck along the side of the road remember to slow down, move over. Tow truck drivers are essential workers, so we must do our part and protect them.


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