Why does my tow truck business need garagekeepers insurance?

Here's how much to charge for towing a car.

Tow truck drivers work day and night. Emphasis on the night part. Why is it that flat tires, breakdowns, and accidents always happen at night? Anyways, the point is that sometimes you might have to rescue a car and its driver when it’s late. That’s where garagekeepers insurance can come into play. We’ll go over the definition of garagekeepers insurance and explain why it can help your business.

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What tow truck insurance terms do you need to know?

A bill that would expand Alabama's move over law is currently under review.

Insurance terminology can sound like gobbledegook sometimes. There are a lot of different words that get tossed around, and there are lots of different coverages that do different things. Businesses that need tow truck insurance are all different from one another – you might have a shop that does towing with a couple of trucks, or you might have a business that does only towing with a fleet. Figuring out what kind of insurance you need to make sure your business is protected can be difficult, so we’ve broken down the coverages and buzzwords that might come in handy when you’re shopping for insurance.

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Are you doing background checks on all new hires for your tow truck business?

Make sure to do background checks on all new hires.

If you have a tow truck company, consider what we’re about to tell you about background checks. After all, your reputation (and insurance rates) are on the line.

Good help is hard to find, isn’t it? Ask any business owner and they’ll tell you for themselves! Unfortunately, that means many tow truck companies wind up settling for a warm body to put in a truck cab. This can lead to many problems down the road.

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How the Georgia Towing and Recovery Incentive Program saves taxpayers money

The Georgia TRIP program has been helping save taxpayers money.

What do the 1996 Olympics have to do with improving Atlanta traffic?

Were you in Atlanta during the ’96 Olympics? If you were, you probably remember sitting in traffic for hours. Jeff Poquette of South Side Wreckers told us, “After Atlanta had the Olympics back in 1996, the state of Georgia realized the negative impact of sitting in traffic. They recognized the cost of consumers sitting in traffic. They did the math and it was shocking. So, they developed the TRIP program and set the standards extremely high for tow trucks and wreckers responding to commercial big truck accidents.”

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The dangers of cell phones: Don’t let your tow truck drivers drive distracted

Cell phones and tow trucks don't mix.

When your drivers are responsible for operating large, heavy tow trucks, they can’t afford any distractions that could take their attention off the road. Even a second of distraction could have disastrous results. With cell phones as a constant temptation, it’s more important now than ever to stress the importance of staying focused on the task at hand. Namely, getting the tow truck and its load to where it needs to go – preferably without crashing into things. The law also has a few things to say about the use of cell phones while driving a tow truck.

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