Tow Truck Marketing Tips for 2021

Earning greater profits for your towing business requires an investment of time and money. If you don’t like the sound of that because your budget is tight, take heart. Tow truck marketing can be as simple as making a good first impression. We offer additional tips for tow truck marketing in 2021 below.

Remember That No One Enjoys Having to Call a Tow Truck

People going about their day never expect to end up stranded because their car won’t start or not to be able to drive their car home because they have been in an accident. If you keep that in mind and show compassion towards your customer’s situation, you can win yourself free word-of-mouth advertising. Other things you can do to provide great customer service include:

  • Provide an accurate quote and show up within the estimated time.
  • Update the customer by phone or text if you are running late.
  • Work as efficiently as possible to get the customer back on the road.

While drivers don’t want to have to call a tow truck too often, acting in a professional manner can also provide you with repeat business and a great online review.

Speaking of Online Reviews

Don’t be shy about asking your customers to review your towing services online if they had a positive experience. People look for and expect businesses they are considering hiring to have reviews on several third-party sites. You might also consider pulling some of your best reviews to use as testimonials on your towing company website.

If you think a customer had a negative experience, ask what you can do to make it better and then follow up as promised. Should you happen to receive any negative online reviews, respond professionally by offering the review writers a chance to earn back their business.

Update Your Website for 2021

No tow truck marketing advice would be complete without mentioning your company website. The consensus among marketing professionals is that towing companies should update their website at least every two to three years. Asking yourself the questions below can help you decide if you should update your website now.

  • Do you receive adequate leads from the website?
  • How much traffic does your website receive and how do visitors learn of it?
  • How does the download speed on your website compare to your competitors?
  • Is your website design mobile responsive?

Disappointing answers to these questions tell you that it is time to include a website overhaul in your tow truck marketing plan.

Consider Inexpensive Promotional Items

Everyone loves free stuff, regardless of the value. You can help build brand awareness by handing your customer a free calendar, magnet, keychain, or another typical promotional item with your towing company’s logo and contact information printed on it. Choosing something people can keep in their cars will remind them to call your towing company the next time they need service.

You Handle the Tow Truck Marketing, We Will Handle the Insurance

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