2 tools to help if you need towing instructions

Towing can be a lot of problem-solving. Sometimes figuring out how to tow a certain car (or get a certain car out of an impossible, physics-defying situation) can be difficult. So, what’s a tow truck driver to do when confronted with a car that they’re not sure how to tow? Turn to the wealth of knowledge on smartphones, of course, to help the problem-solving process along. We’ve got three places you can look if you need towing instructions for a car that you’ve never encountered before.

3 places to find towing instructions.

1. Tow Standard app.

Tow Standard, according to their page on Google Play, is an app designed to help tow truck operators tow vehicles the way the manufacturer intended them to be towed. (It’s available on Google Play.) The app gives easy-to-follow instructions for towing different makes and models of cars. This can help tow truck drivers prevent injuries, and it can also help them prevent claims of damage to the vehicle.

All in all, it could be something to try.

How does it work?

The app offers a lot of helpful information. The user can enter the make, model, and year of the car from the main menu. (All you have to do is hit search and choose the appropriate selections.)

After you confirm your search, you can look at the details page. This gives you more in-depth information – for example, the vehicle’s curb weight, front axle weight, and rear axle weight.

If you go to the tow and tie-down section, you can find images that show you what everything should look like. It can show you where the tie-down hooks and straps should go. (To zoom in on the image, just give it a tap.)

The tow information section gives you information about any precautions or loading instructions you should know about. The General Service section can help you out when it comes to jump-starting the car, changing the tire, or dealing with electric car keys.

The main menu also allows you to shortcut your way to General Instructions, General Jump Start Instructions, Standard Equipment, and other General Service Instructions.

And another handy thing – speed limits for towing are there for every car model on the app.

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2. Towspec.com.

You can also make a free account at Towspec.com, which is fueled by Beacon Software.

According to their website, Towspec.com offers helpful instructions and tips for towing specific vehicles. They provide a database of towing instructions for various cars – all you have to do is search for the make and model of the vehicle and you can find a wealth of information.

Towspec.com gives you the recommended method for towing the vehicle you’re looking for. It provides a diagram along with extra instructions you need to know. The website gives you labeled pictures of the tiedown points of the vehicle, along with pictures of the jacking points. (You can also find the tow limits on Towspec.com.)

To make life easier, you can email the instructions to yourself – or print them. Towspec.com makes it easy to quickly find out the ideal tow method for the car that’s being tricky.

It’s really important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the type of vehicle you’re towing. Different cars are built, well, differently, so it can be helpful to have some intel about how to correctly tow them.

It can be stressful when you’re faced with towing a car that you’re not familiar with. You might want to double-check where the tie-down points are. Or maybe you just want to know if there’s anything in particular you need to understand about the vehicle. At any rate, give one of these a try. It might be a big help.

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