Check these 8 things on your towing website homepage

You might have a website set up for your tow truck business, and the hope is that potential customers will find it. You want to market your tow truck business, and having a website is part of that. But for your towing website to be successful, you’ve got to have a great homepage – and by that, we mean a homepage that Google likes. There are a few things you can do to help out your homepage, and we’re going to go over 8 different tips.

8 tips for your towing website’s homepage.

1. Check the site speed.

It’s really important to make sure that your website loads quickly. People aren’t very patient when they’re searching online, and if your website is too slow, they might just bounce away from your website and back to the list of search results. If people stay on your website and don’t bounce away, Google might see that as meaning your website has valuable content. And that can help you.

2. Have important keywords for your towing business.

You’ve also got to make sure that Google can understand what your business is all about. When Google looks at your site, you want to make sure that it sees relevant, important keywords about your business and what you do. Naturally, you’re going to want to talk about towing-related things and the services your business provides. You need to incorporate important phrases that can let Google know what you do – for instance, towing in Charlotte or Montgomery roadside assistance. It’s also important to use variations of your important key phrases, too. But you don’t want to “stuff” your content by overloading it with your keywords, of course. It’s a balance.

You might also want to talk about things that make your business different than your competition. This lets your potential customers know why your business is better than your competitors. Share about the goals and mission of your business.

3. Be sure your contact information is there.

You also need to make sure your contact information is present and accounted for. It needs to be easy to see, too, so that people don’t accidentally miss it. That way your potential customers can grab your phone number and call you quickly and easily. (This can also help you when it comes to ranking on search engines.)

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4. Make sure to have an HTTPS site instead of HTTP.

When you look at the URL of your website, it’s important that it starts out with https:// instead of http. The “s” is significant. It means that your website has a security certificate. When people search online, they like to see secure sites. And Google also likes secure sites. If you don’t have an https:// URL, you might want to switch your site over. Your web hosting platform should be able to do that pretty easily.

5. Have a mobile-friendly homepage.

You also need to make sure that your homepage (and the site itself) is mobile-friendly. The site needs to load quickly and work well on cell phones because a lot of people are using phones to do their searching. (And think about it – if someone’s stranded on the side of the road and they need a tow truck business, they’re probably not going to be using a desktop to search for towing websites.) People aren’t going to stick around if the website doesn’t load well on mobile or if it doesn’t provide a good user experience.

6. Include keywords in your H1 tag.

Your keywords should be in your H1 tag, which is the header at the top of the page. The tags and headers on your page tell Google what your content is about. It might seem like a small detail to think about all of your headers and tags, but it’s important.

7. Use Alt text for photos and logos.

When you put photos or logos on your website, it’s a good idea to add Alt text (which describes the image you’re using.) The Alt text should include keywords, too – yes, it’s another small detail that can help you out.

8. Look at your meta description.

If you do a Google search, there will be a description under each website that pops up as a result. That’s the meta description. You can use your meta description to give your site a boost by including – you got it – relevant keywords. You might consider talking about your services, your location, and towing. You want to show people what you do and give them a reason to choose your website. (And this can also help you with Google and your search engine results.)

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Having a great homepage on your towing website can help potential clients find you, and it can also help you out where Google is concerned. Make sure that your homepage is put together well and that you’ve looked at all the details that can really help your website.

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