The importance of having valuable content on your website

With a business as fast-paced at towing, it might seem like a waste of time to create content for your website. It might even seem a little daunting if you’re not a writer. However, creating valuable content on a towing website can not only give you an outlet to communicate important messages from the towing community, but it can also give you many other opportunities for company growth. Let’s take a look at just how important it is to have, not just any content, but valuable content on your towing website.

Reasons for building valuable content on your towing website

1. User retention

We’ve spoken before about SEO and the right way to use keywords on your site. Creating content can help you add quality keywords to your site, but there are a ton of other aspects that go into optimizing your webpage. One of these elements is a low bounce rate.

For Google, it’s not how many people click on your website, but how many people stay there. If you just have basic information about what your business does, people will simply click away from your website to shop for other options, or they’ll call you immediately. The latter response can be good, but it may not help you rank higher in search results. This means less eyes on your website over time and fewer customers that you’ll have over a long period of time.

When you create articles for your webpage, you’re creating an excuse for people to stick around and use your business as a source for all of their needs, not just a quick tow.

2. Google likes sites that update regularly.

Search engines also like websites that update and change regularly. They see it as a website with fresh ideas and new content that is relevant to people right now. This doesn’t mean you have to update frequently. In fact, adding content just to put something on your site can be almost as bad as not having content at all. Google sees large amounts of content as irrelevant noise. So, it can push your page lower in the search results because it thinks you’re just spamming keywords.

Instead, find a publishing frequency that works for you and make sure it’s regular, even if it’s not frequent.

3. It lets you clearly share your knowledge with potential clients.

When done correctly, blog content should be able to answer questions in a way that no one else can. Therefore, creating site content can be a great way to communicate information about the industry to potential customers and other tow truck drivers. It gives you a platform to show your professionalise and love for towing, creates a different way to for you to interact with potential clients, and gives you the chance to create a community around your business.

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Plus, if you provide answers or solutions to problems before someone is in trouble, they’ll be familiar with your business way before they would need to call you. You’re then already a dependable source of knowledge. So, a potential client is more likely to call you first rather than a nameless, faceless company.

4. Shareability

Valuable content also gives potential clients and other tow truck drivers an excuse to share their (your) knowledge with others. If one person found your website because of an issue they’ve had, they’ll probably know someone else with a similar problem that you can solve. This gives people more of an incentive to share the knowledge they’ve found, particularly on social media.

This creates another outlet for word-of-mouth marketing as a part of your business. People trust their friends more than cheesy advertisements or a random stranger. So, if someone in their network shares a memorable and valuable post by a towing professional, their connection will be more likely to call a company that someone they know has recommended.

5. It gives more credibility to your business.

If someone calls you for a tow, they want to know that they’re in good hands. They’re already in a sticky situation, so they want to know that the person that’s coming to help them is dependable, knowledgeable, and won’t take advantage of them. Creating valuable content can show your potential customers how much you care about your profession, how much knowledge and experience you’ve gained, and how well you can take care of troublesome situations. It shows a record of experience and thoughtfulness that can give a client more confidence in your abilities than an operator reassuring a panicked customer over the phone in that very moment.

6. Gives your business a human element

Finally, when creating content, you’re also displaying your own specific voice. This unique, human trait can show a lot about you and your business. People are more likely to trust, and therefore work with, a source or a person that they feel like they know. The certain ways you convey your knowledge, the topics you choose to cover, and even feature articles about things happening around your company all help give your customers a human face and personality that they can relate to and trust.

When done correctly, creating valuable content for your website can be a great way to interact with and draw customers toward your business before, during, and after your services are needed. It’s a great way to leave an impression on potential customers’ minds throughout their whole experience with your website and your business.

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