5 reasons for towing businesses to consider cameras for their trucks

Technology can be an amazing thing, from dispatch software to GPS. One new technology that applies to the towing world is cameras. There are a lot of camera setups out there for tow trucks. So, what’s the big deal? Why on earth should towing businesses consider using a camera system? It kind of seems like that’s spying on your drivers, and that probably wouldn’t go over well. We’ll explain some of the reasons that towing companies might want to consider installing camera systems.

5 reasons to consider event recorders in your tow trucks.

1. A customer could claim that one of your drivers damaged their car.

Cameras can protect your business against accusations that one of your drivers damaged someone’s car. A client could claim that your driver caused problems with their car or damaged it in some way. Having event recorders means that you can show exactly what happened, and it can show that your driver, in fact, did not leave a scuff or scratch on the vehicle.

2. Cameras can give a clear picture of what happened if there’s an accident.

Event recorders can also provide helpful footage of an accident. Even though your drivers are very careful and you train them very well, accidents can happen to anyone. If you have a camera system keeping an eye on things, you can put together a clear picture of an accident. In the aftermath of a wreck, it might be difficult for your driver to remember exactly what happened and what really caused the crash.

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3. Event recorders can help with establishing fault for an accident.

Cameras can also be helpful in determining fault for an accident. It can prove that your driver wasn’t at fault if they weren’t, which would protect your business.

4. Cameras can help the insurance claims process go more smoothly.

If your driver was at fault, having cameras can help the insurance claims process get resolved more quickly because there’s a true account of what happened and how the claim should be handled. This can lead to a far less expensive claim – and you might just be able to prevent a long, drawn-out lawsuit.

5. Safety is important.

Another aspect to consider is the fact that tow truck insurance rates have been going up. The industry comes with a lot of inherent risks – from driving to having employees working on the side of the road next to traffic – and a lot of insurers have been backing away from taking on that risk. With rates going up, it’s crucially important for towing businesses to commit to safety. Insurance carriers appreciate when businesses show that they’ve taken steps to keep their workers safe and reduce their risk.

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The intent of having cameras in tow trucks isn’t so that business owners can spy on their drivers. It’s to record incidents or accidents that could happen to your drivers on the job. With camera footage, you’re protected from false claims that one of your drivers damaged someone’s cars. You’ll have a truthful and unbiased account of what happened if an accident occurs. While owners of towing businesses might be hesitant about the cost, the expense of installing cameras pales in comparison to the potential costs of a drawn-out lawsuit, which is why it’s important to consider getting cameras for your trucks.

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