Volvo to offer free towing for any Volvo with Tow for Life

Volvo Cars USA has recently announced that they’re going to offer free towing for life for any Volvo car with its Tow for Life program. It doesn’t matter what year, make, or model of Volvo it is. Towing will be free. But how will this work? We’ll explain the details – including some information that Volvo drivers should know about ahead of time.

What is Volvo Tow for Life and how does it work?

The program is called Tow for Life, and it now extends to all Volvos. Basically, it means that if a driver of a Volvo gets stuck somewhere and needs a tow, the tow will be free. The vehicle will be taken to a Volvo pro who will use genuine parts. That’s the general idea of what the program is.

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Does it really apply to all Volvos?

Even a clunker that’s well-loved and far past its prime will be covered under the program, regardless of whether the warranty has expired. So, a driver who gets stranded on the side of the road when their car quits on them can get a tow. A tow truck will come to the rescue. The reasoning behind taking the cars to Volvo pros is that this will mean that drivers can get their cars repaired using genuine Volvo parts.

So, it’s an interesting tidbit of towing news. It will be interesting to see what happens for towing companies when they get a call to tow a Volvo.

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