What’s the Wall of the Fallen?

The International Towing and Recovery Museum in Chattanooga, Tennessee features many historical tow trucks. For instance, they have on display the world’s oldest tow truck and largest wrecker, along with one of the tow trucks that was used during WWI.

Apart from the museum, there’s a memorial dedicated to the tow truck drivers who’ve lost their lives on duty. This area is referred to as the Wall of the Fallen.

In this article, we’ll discuss the main attractions of the museum, including the memorial. Let’s get started.

The Wall of the Fallen

The Wall of the Fallen is an outdoor memorial located between the highway and the parking lot of the museum. It’s meant to honor and remember the brave tow truck operators around the world who’ve lost their lives on duty. The most touching feature of the memorial includes a bronze statue of a tow truck driver lifting a mother and child from a sinking car.

The sculpture represents the selfless and relentless efforts of those in the towing industry. It also pays tribute to those who’ve sacrificed their lives to help others. The Wall of the Fallen includes the names of 389 tow truck drivers from around the globe that’ve been killed on duty.

You may be wondering, why Chattanooga? Well, the location is actually pretty significant and holds historical value. Just three miles away from the museum the first tow truck was manufactured by the Ernest Holmes Company in 1916. It’s also the location of the world’s largest tow truck factory.

Why Does It Exist?

The goal of the wall and museum is to preserve history, remember those who’ve died, and honor the heroes in the towing industry.

When you first walk in there’s an introductory video you can view to get a feel for the place and what it signifies. This video also includes insightful information regarding the history surrounding the artifacts throughout the museum. This way you can go into it feeling a little more informed.

According to the video, around 50 to 100 tow truck drivers lose their lives while fulfilling their essential duties. Over the years this has become a growing issue with no permanent solution in sight. Therefore, that’s what makes places like the International Towing and Recovery Museum so important.

Someone has to spread awareness regarding the risks in the towing industry. This avenue is also a great way to show appreciation to the tow truck drivers who risk their lives every day to help others.

It’s Importance

The museum helps people visualize tow truck operators in a new light and banishes common misconceptions. People will walk out with a new meaning to the role of a tow truck driver.

In short, tow truck drivers have one of the riskiest jobs in the world. Not only do they do roadside assistance, but they operate heavy machinery. Unfortunately, many drivers fail to slow down and move over when they see tow trucks pulled off onto the shoulder of the road. This is resulting in a death of a tow truck operator once every 6 days.

Summing Up

The purpose of this article is to spread awareness of the Slow Down, Move Over Law, as well as to show support to those in the towing industry.




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