What Property Owners Can Do About Unauthorized Vehicles

It’s been a hassle for owners to deal with unauthorized vehicles parking on their private property. This has become a nuisance not only for property owners, but also for their agent.

To deal with the issue, vehicle code ยง2265 of California has authorized property owners to remove unauthorized vehicles from their private properties. However, they must follow certain procedures under specific conditions.

Here is a guide of what you can do about unauthorized vehicles on your property.

What Property Owners Can Do About Unauthorized Vehicles

Within one or two hours of notifying the traffic enforcement agency, you can have the vehicle towed to a public garage close to the vicinity under the following circumstances:

  • A sign is placed and visible at each entry point to the property. The sign should state that public parking is prohibited, and any cars will be towed at the owner’s expense. It must contain the phone number of the traffic law enforcement agency. The sign should also indicate that authorities will issue a citation for the violation.
  • The car has been issued a parking violation notice, and at least 95 hours have passed since the notice was issued.
  • The car is missing parts such as an engine, transmission, tires, wheels, doors, windshield, etc. Also, you or your agent has already notified the traffic law enforcement agency and 1 day has passed since the notification.
  • The car is parked on a lot that has been upgraded with a single-family home.

The truck operator should have a written authorization for the identification:

  • the vehicle (model, make, VIN, and license plate)
  • the person who authorized the tow, his/her name, job title, signature business address, and working phone number
  • the grounds or valid reasons for removal
  • the time and day the car was first parked or left illegally
  • the time and day the approval to tow was issued

Summing Up

The latest amendment in the law has allowed property owners to remove unauthorized vehicles parked on private property under the conditions mentioned above. Thus, you must notify the relevant authorities and follow the right protocol to do it with a tow truck service.


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