What to Do if You Need Your Car Towed

Collisions and accidents are fairly common when you drive. In scenarios like these you often need to have your car towed to a mechanic or repair shop.  While the option seems convenient and easy to solve the problem, it is essential to know what you should look out for when your tow truck arrives.

Fortunately, there are steps that can help you avoid any sticky situation when you have your car towed.  Here is a rundown of what you need to know if you ever need your vehicle towed.

What to Know if You Need Your Car Towed

Call Your Auto Insurer First

Even if the accident has occurred late at night, calling your auto insurer first is the right thing to do. Your insurer can guide you on the towing rates and give you the right advice. They may arrange the preferred repair facility that can pick up your crashed vehicle.

Consider Taking Roadside Assistance

If you have access to a reliable roadside assistance via an automobile association, call them instead of contacting a regular towing company. Even if it does not cover towing after an accident, it will inform you about the post-collision process.

Determine if Your Car Needs Towing

Most people’s first instinct after a car collision is to contact a tow truck company. However, there is no such need if your car;

  • has no fluid leaks
  • headlights are still working
  • mirrors are intact
  • brakes and steering feel right

If these things are in working condition, you can drive the car to the repair shop yourself.

Check Truck Driver’s Identity

You need to make sure that the driver is from the tow truck company you called.  You may see many tow truck drivers waiting on the road and racing to the scene if there is a collision. Try not to seek their services as they may charge you double the amount.

Prepare Car for Towing

This might sound bizarre, but it can help you keep your valuables safe. Before a tow driver takes your car, make sure you capture detailed photos of the collision and the damage at the scene. It should include pictures of the inside of your car. Remove all necessities and important things before letting a tow truck driver access your vehicle.

Read the Documents of the Driver

Read all the documents or any paperwork your tow truck driver hands you to sign, particularly for payments. A credible tow truck driver provides you an itemized invoice to check or sign. You need to check that it has the amount you’ve agreed to pay to take your vehicle to the service center. Avoid signing an agreement that doesn’t outline the services you’re paying for.

Should I Ride With the Tow Truck Driver?

Generally you can ride with the tow truck driver if your stop is on the way or they can drop you off at the repair shop with the car. If neither of these options work for you calling a taxi, Uber, or a friend is your best bet.

Summing Up

You must show your due diligence when seeking the assistance of a towing company. It is important to keep fraud at bay and your car and valuables safe.  Call your car insurance company to get guidance and save money on towing services.


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