Wheel Lift vs Hook and Chain Tow Trucks

A tow truck is one of the best options when it comes to drivers who need assistance on the road. It doesn’t matter if your vehicle breaks down at night or your car is totaled in an accident, a tow truck driver can help. These tow trucks are constantly evolving which helps make the towing process much more efficient.

Two of the most common tow truck types are the wheel lift and hook and chain tow truck. Both these vehicles have their pros and cons; therefore, understanding their key differences is crucial.

In this article, we’ll discuss wheel lift vs hook and chain tow trucks. Let’s get started.

Wheel Lift vs Hook and Chain Tow Trucks

The Similarities

It’s difficult for some to understand the key differences between the wheel lift and hook and chain tow trucks. For instance, the car’s front or rear wheels remain lifted off the ground for the entirety of the tow. This will leave one set of wheels on the ground at all times.

Thus, both truck types tow the vehicle at an angle with one set of wheels lifted and the other touching the ground.

The Differences

Let’s talk about the main differences between these two truck types. Notably, the biggest difference is the way the towed vehicles are lifted off the ground.

For instance, with a hook and chain tow truck, a chain is wrapped around the frame of the car after a hook is secured to the axle or bumper. After the car is secured, a boom is used to lift the front or rear tires.

However, this method has some drawbacks. A hook and chain tow truck is known to cause extensive damage to the towed vehicle. Thus, this type of tow truck is typically only used for hauling cars to the junkyard.

Professionals will use the wheel lift towing method for customers with cars that need to be repaired and taken to an auto body shop. This is a much safer option as there’s less risk of damage.

A tow truck driver will use a yolk underneath the front or rear tires to lift the car. Once the car is secured it can be towed to the desired location. This is a much better option as there are no chains or hooks that can damage the car.

Which Tow Truck Is Safer?

Both truck types have their pros and cons; however, wheel lift tow trucks tend to be much safer. This is because a yoke is placed under the rear or front tires. With a hook and chain, a hook is attached to the bumper, and chains are wrapped around the frame of the car. By doing this there’s a high risk of damage to the car being towed.

Thus, the cars needing repair can be towed safely with a wheel lift tow truck.

Bottom Line

Tow trucks are a quick and easy method to transport vehicles from one location to another. However, there’s a formidable difference between a wheel lift and a hook and chain tow truck. A wheel lift is a safer method and can also make the towing process much easier.

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